Willow Project prioritizes money and oil while ignoring the future


Zealan Munsey, Photographer

“No more drilling on federal lands.” That’s what President Biden passionately claimed in 2020 when running for office (6:06 to 6:18).

Funny when you think about it, considering the Biden administration just approved a 30-year project on the last federally-owned land in Alaska to produce 6 million barrels of oil.

And ironically, national and state governments have been putting up laws to stop the creation of gas-powered vehicles, blocking quite a bit of income toward top automobile companies (California has passed rules that by 2035, not a single gasoline-run car will be sold). Yet now, the government itself will make around 6 to 17 billion dollars from oil. 


A ton is the equivalent of 2,000 pounds. Sounds like a lot? Multiply that by 280,000,000, and you’ll understand how much carbon will be emitted into the atmosphere by the Willow Project, and that’s not even counting other greenhouse gasses. 

This oil venture in the National Petroleum Reserve in northern Alaska will release more than 280 million tons of carbon emissions, according to ConocoPhillips, the company doing the drilling itself, and they’re the ones who revealed that number. Look it up on Google because they want to flaunt it. Pack your bags for Mars.

Sure, if you aren’t the type to believe in the disastrous effects of climate change, you could say that the Willow Project will lower gas prices as oil will be readily available. But are more affordable gas prices worth the unethical destruction of animal habitats and beautiful natural landscapes? Oh, how much we take it all for granted.

It could be said that the Willow Project will help our country run better because of more energy resources. However, we’ve been doing quite well on solar energy, EV cars, hydroelectric power, and more. Also, most politicians support the motion for this project, but is that surprising? It’s more money.

Do we need all that oil? No. Do the politicians need that money? Heck no! But of course, politicians will still chase the money at all costs.

The point is our government, and our lawmakers may not give two craps about the future of our society. To compensate for their incompetence, we, as everyday citizens, must step up even more. I understand Teslas are costly, but many other ways exist to conserve energy and eliminate our carbon emission levels.

Carpool to school, turn electronics off when you’re done using them, ride an e-bike places if you have one, and eat less red meat (all those cows consume lots of materials, emitting those lovely greenhouse gases before eventually becoming barbeque ). Here are some more ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

Hopefully, the big guys and girls up in D.C. can calm down a little on the ecological destruction, but we just need to do our part for now. Whether you’re an environmentalist or not, you must see how much harm the Willow Project will cause.