Beauty in a Box

Yodi Carrucciu, Brush and Palette Outside Reporter

As we scroll through our social media, we see pictures of superficial beauty. Filtered images generated by our algorithm to purposely make us feel insecure. Because of these pictures, we may feel we aren’t enough and don’t live up to those standards. We compare each photo to what they see in the mirror every day. 

Why don’t I look like them? You may ask yourself. We put unhealthy standards on ourselves, thinking our lives would be easier if we looked like them. But even people with those traits might not be as confident as you believe. Social media can influence the pressure of standards, but in the end, no one puts more standards on us than we do ourselves. 

Thinking that beauty only comes in one form will never make it easier. The harsh truth is that we can’t change the body we wake up with. However, we can change the way we view it. We should spend less time wishing to be someone else and take advantage of that time to learn to embrace ourselves. 

Sometimes when we look too hard in the mirror or even a picture we might’ve liked at first, we start picking out the microscopic flaws. We sabotage ourselves and make it hard to find the beauty within. 

I was stuck in the dark hole for a while, wondering when I could get out of it. I want to say that I have a method for being confident, but it’s all mental. My mom had previously told me something that had finally clicked. She told me her biggest regret was wasting her time being insecure while she was young—not only about looks, but also her ability. She missed out on life-altering opportunities because she didn’t feel good enough to succeed. 

From then on, I realized I didn’t want to miss out on opportunities. I wanted to reflect on the past and not regret my wasted time. I started making confident decisions. Whether I failed or succeeded, I chose to be confident in my actions and decisions. I realized that I had begun to sleep better. Falling asleep was easier because I wouldn’t reminisce about the wrong or right things I said. I spent less time being embarrassed by things I might’ve said wrong or for stuttering while talking. Instead, I brushed these little things off and focused on my ability to achieve my goals.

It became one of my fears to regret losing opportunities, but it had a positive outcome for me. Instead, I was grateful to be me. I found comfort in who I was and no longer wanted to be someone I could never be. I told myself I would try to make the best out of every day and live without regrets. Regrets are the worst. I decided to have confidence in myself to make the right decisions. Even if it meant that some of those decisions would go south, my faith in myself would be worth it. I don’t want to miss out on what life has to offer, and making the best out of every experience will never be something I regret. 

Confidence in itself is the true beauty.