The Big Lebowski—a classic comedy you simply can’t miss


Jack Turner, Reporter

*Editor’s Note: While the review that follows is mature and suitable for teen readers, the film itself is Rated R and not recommended for all viewers. 

A comedy/crime classic, The Big Lebowski happens to be one of my favorite movies of all time, and I consider myself a movie aficionado. The movie was directed by the critically acclaimed Coen brothers, who have also directed No Country for Old Men, Fargo, and many other cult classics.

It follows middle-aged degenerate bachelor Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski (Jeff Bridges). In his free time, he enjoys drinking White Russians and going bowling with his two buddies Walter Sobchak, a crazy Vietnam vet (John Goodman), and Theodore Donald, a petite timid man (Steve Buscemi). 

One day, two thugs ambush the ¨The Dude¨ when he returns him, mistaking him for Jeffrey Lebowski, a rich businessman with the same name that owes them money. The thugs end up roughing him up and peeing on his prized carpet, resulting in “The Dude” tracking down his namesake to ask for reimbursement. Instead of reimbursement, he is offered a job to track down the businessman’s ex-wife who had been kidnapped. The rest of the movie follows “The Dude” and his two friends on an adventure to find and return her. If you like a comedy that will keep you engaged and guessing, this is the movie for you. 

I really enjoy the old-school vibe of the movie, set during the early 90’s, during the end of George Bush’s presidency. The Coen brothers did a very good job of choosing sets, such as the vibrant bowling alley that the dude and his friends are constantly at. I also very much enjoyed the movie´s soundtrack as well, which features rock and country music, fitting for “The Dude’s” personality. The Genius of this move becomes apparent as you get closer to the end of this masterpiece, on the Surface ¨The Dude¨ seems like a very unbothered shallow man, but as the movie progresses we see that on the inside he is motivated in his own way and very caring.

The plot will keep viewers engaged as there are always unexpected twists and turns, resulting in having no clue how the movie will conclude. In some ways, The Big Lebowski is a parody of crime and detective drama. For all of his negatives ¨The Dude¨ turns out to be a lovable and kind man. 

In conclusion, there is no wonder why The Big Lebowski is a cult classic, there are few movies that put up with the test of time and remain relevant in the eyes of the public.


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