Alumni Spotlight: Taylor Glenn, Class of 2018


Taylor Glenn sits with their art pieces. Along with paper pieces, they also do photography, poetry, and digital art.

Brooke Lattin, Reporter

Brush and Palette reached out to alumnus Taylor Glenn, Class of 2018, to get an update on life after graduation. 

B+P: Could you tell us a little bit about your background?

T: I was born and raised in Laguna and graduated from LBHS in 2018 and then went to Laguna College of Art + Design right down the street. I just graduated from LCAD in May of 2022 with my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and Digital Media with Illustration Emphasis and a minor in Creative Writing. I’m currently earning my Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art at Maine College of Art & Design in Portland, Maine. 

B+P: What work you did do with our current students during the first semester?

T: So, I was here as a teaching assistant in the art department here at LBHS as part of my master’s program. I ended up being in the multimedia and ceramics classes mostly.

B+P: How did growing up in Laguna affect your art

T: I think growing up in Laguna affected my art by encouraging me to continue what I enjoyed. I was always surrounded by creative people doing what they loved, so it felt like a natural progression for me. 

B+P: How do you continue to find inspiration?

T: I find inspiration from a lot of different places, like seeing other artists, seeing the work of my classmates, reading, or looking for new materials. I find most of my inspiration through personal experiences and emotions. Currently, I am working in textiles/fibers and sculpture focusing on themes of relationships and abandonment.

Taylor Glenn is available for hire! Please visit or email [email protected]