The benefits of yoga for high school students


Tatum Brennan

Students sit and meditate in a large circle around the Dugger Gym floor at LBHS. These yoga classes are taught by Staci Bina.

Tatum Brennan, Health Editor

Yoga brings one closer to their body, mind and spirit. Usually, one associates yoga with poses such as downward dog or sitting in the lotus position, saying “Om” in unison. However, there is much more to this ancient practice. 

Of course, yoga improves flexibility, posture, strength, coordination and overall wellness. But at its core, yoga is about taking the time to care for yourself and others. Many students are not aware of this aspect. Yoga has so much to offer for all age groups, but specifically teens.

High school is a difficult time for all – grades, procrastination, friendships, unique family issues and personal hardships affect students daily. The majority of teenagers have an issue with overthinking due to today’s day and age; yoga has the power to sooth your subconscious and create mental clarity.

Mental health is a significant topic, not only in schools, but throughout the entire world. Thirty-one percent of adolescents are diagnosed with anxiety, and 20% are diagnosed with depression before the age of 18, according to and Yoga has the potential to save many people from mental health issues and level out emotions. If practiced daily, it has been shown to benefit high school-age students mentally, physically and spiritually.

To address the mental health crisis in youth, schools have begun to incorporate yoga into their P.E. curriculum. Having yoga accessible to all will may result in happier, more balanced students. Laguna Beach High School has already added yoga as a course you can take for PE credit. This isn’t the case with all schools, though. 

*Note from the writer: In the past, I’ve dealt with and still deal with mental health struggles. Most teens do. It’s very common to get wrapped in your own head and not be able to detach yourself from your mind. Focusing on your breathing and technique is a form of yoga that can help tremendously. Yoga is safe for everyone and shouldn’t feel like a chore. Take those two minutes to reflect upon your breathing and mind without distractions. The correlation between yoga and mental health is too significant to discard.