An Oak & Brooks Street Halloween Tradition


Chloe Falk

Many locals and trick-or-treaters are amazed by an Oak Street house’s brilliantly lighted trees and numerous Halloween decorations.

Chloe Falk, Reporter

Laguna Beach locals and tourists alike eagerly await the chilly evening when they can walk around Oak Street and Brooks Street and experience a whole new level of Halloween horror. Both streets become the place to get your spook on every Oct. 31.

“Growing up in Laguna, we trick-or-treated on many streets around Laguna. But Oak Street has always been the most decorated and is extremely popular,” said long-term local, Peggy Falk. 

This iconic tradition of lavishly decorating houses with twinkling lights, inflatable monsters, gravestones and haunted dolls initially began on Oak Street. Brooks Street is a relatively newer addition to Laguna’s Halloween traditions; there is even an unofficial rivalry between the two.

“In the last few years, Brooks Street has become much more involved and has almost made it a competition with Oak to see who can outdo the other on decorations and costumes,” said Falk. 

However, getting the most out of your Halloween is impossible if you don’t roam around both streets. After years of this Halloween tradition, generations of Laguna Beach locals still wander up and down the streets with their friends gathering candy from the houses. 

“My mom used to sew a lot of the costumes and craft the accessories we used and wore for our costume,” said Falk. “Homemade costumes will forever be a staple on Halloween. After taking a trip around Oak and Brooks Street, you will see some of the best costumes you have ever seen. The creativity and artistic ability that goes into these costumes are outstanding. Oak and Brooks never fail to amaze people with the costumes that travel through the two streets.”

Halloween is much more enjoyable with these decorated streets and is a blast to experience with friends and family. 

“Oak Street has been my favorite place to go on Halloween,” said LBHS freshman Marlee Sinay. “It reminds me of family and friends, and I love seeing the kids and adults all dressed up.” 

Oak Street and Brooks Street have become a tradition valued by many generations and will be cherished by many more. These streets will always hold a special place in our hearts, and they can only thrive in years to come. 

If you are new to town and don’t know where to go or what to do next Halloween, stop by Oak Street and Brooks Street with a couple of your friends!