The benefits for students and colleges during high school visits

Abigail Roedersheimer, News Editor

The College and Career Center boasts a remaining 20+ college visits on top of their mock admissions night – here are the benefits of attending.

Brush and Palette sits down with Mrs. Lynn Gregory, College and Career Specialist

What are the benefits of attending a college visit? 

For juniors and underclassmen, it’s exploratory to find out what a college has to offer. It gives you an idea of what’s out there and available. For seniors, it’s one-on-one with the admissions counselor that will be reading your application. The representatives can tell juniors and underclassmen what they need to do, how to explore demonstrated interests in their unique areas of study. The visits also provide contact with the person who reads the application and introduce you to schools you never thought you would go to. 

Which colleges are you most excited to have? 

All of them. I learn something new from every single school. For the first time, we’ve had UCs that have scheduled visits with us. The U.S. Naval Academy is also scheduled, along with other wonderful elite schools that want to meet our students. 

What questions do you recommend that students ask the college representatives? 

What are your job placements after graduation? What jobs are students getting upon graduation? How would you describe the culture of your school? Collaborative or Competitive?

*In addition to these questions, Mrs. Gregory advises asking anything you cannot find on their website, such as statistics.

How do you recommend a student get in touch with a college that is not visiting? 

You can come to the CCC and ask. Let us know if there’s a specific school you would like, and we will do our best to schedule a visit. Students can also visit each college’s website to find a local admissions officer’s email address. 

What are colleges looking to get out of one of these visits? 

They know clearly that LBHS is well regarded and that our students are prepared academically. When a student commits to their school, it opens a door for more enrollment from students from our school. Remember, when the college representatives visit us, they’re advertising.

Besides college representative visits, are there any other opportunities for students that you would like to remind of? 

We have a lot of opportunities coming up for students this year:

On October 4th, there is a mock admissions event. Students and parents will be given three mock applications, with the choice to admit, reject, or waitlist. This will teach them to think like admissions officers and learn how to better their applications. There will be a mini fair afterward with 20 colleges. 

In addition, there have been two workshops for applications. The “Ready, set, go” for UC applications was on Sept. 26, and the Common App workshop was on Sept. 29. Students can check in with us regarding any information they fear they have missed. 

Rob Franek, the author of the Princeton Review’s “387 Best Colleges,” visits every campus, talks to the student body, and talks to the administrators. He believes there are 4,000 colleges, one right for every student. He will be visiting campus on Oct. 27 for the “Everything You Wanted to Know About College but Felt Silly Asking” event.

Remember, students, the College and Career Center is located in the library for any additional questions you may have.