Thurston embraces new turf field


Thurston’s field currently getting remodeled to the new astroturf. This is where most PE activities and sports games happened at Middle School.

Kayleigh Thomas and Mia Lepage

In June of 2021, Thurston went through a significant change. The whole field from the fence facing the ocean to the gym was gone. The field is getting remodeled, and a turf field will replace the standard grass field. During this time, the portable math classrooms on the field were moved to the newly renovated classes, previously known as “the glass box.”


“LBUSD prides itself in providing the very best for our students, facilities included. Over the last several years, LBUSD reached an agreement and developed an action plan to upgrade Thurston’s Field, which included leveling the slope, incorporating environmentally friendly products and maintenance, and multi-faceted usage (baseball and soccer field, running track, scoreboard, etc.). We know our students will make significant use of the newfound area, and our community will also discover many benefits,” said Joseph Vidal, the principal of Thurston Middle School. 


Students also play a big role in this process as they are losing the field for half the year, but they have found ways to embrace the change and to be excited for their new athletic area. Students are enjoying playing sports like blacktop hockey, volleyball, and the best of all, dodgeball. 


 “Our students are very excited and continue to seek social opportunities, especially in a team-oriented environment. I anticipate a high level of involvement and look forward to providing additional support and opportunities for our community,” said Vidal.


Teachers, staff, and administrators also had to accommodate the loss of their classroom space on the field and work around it. April Coffman and Christopher Nunziata even got brand new technologically advanced classrooms since their portables had to be removed  in the process of building the field.. Mr. Selins old glassbox classroom was turned into two to make space for these teachers. With the advantage of having a new field and classrooms, there will no longer be portables out on the field.