Former Teachers Shoutout 2021 Seniors


Maryann Thomas Fourth Grade Teacher TOW

Shelby Thomas

Shelby, even though I wasn’t your teacher here at school, being your mom has been one of the greatest joys of my life! You are an amazing young woman, and dad and I couldn’t be more proud of you. Watch out world! We love you so much!
Ms. Leighton

Johanna Legault- 8th

Congratulations Johanna! I am so proud of you for continuing to paint and love art in High School AND for becoming a class representative for the school board!! I cannot wait to see where the future takes you, and what amazing things you will do! You are endlessly impressive!! Wishing you all the best!
Ms. Silver 8th grade Language Arts

Alexander Neufeld

Alex, as your former teacher, I am so proud of the work you’ve done in and out of the classroom. Your intelligence, your integrity, and your kindness are qualities that will help you reach any goals you set for yourself. As your aunt, I also appreciate your humor, your taste in movies/shows, and your game playing abilities. One of these days, I will trounce you at Boggle! Congratulations to you!!!

Mrs. Bond, 1st Grade TOW

Sage Miller

Congrats, Sage! Your bright smile will light up your journey just as it did in first grade.
Mrs. Bond, 1st grade TOW

Lucas Jablon

Congrats, Lucas! I bet you are still as curious and clever as you were in first grade! Keep on exploring!
Mrs. Bond, 1st Grade TOW

Sam Eidt

Congrats, Sam! Your kindness and compassion will be useful in your new endeavors.
Mrs. Bond, 1st Grade TOW

Zachary Duncan

Congrats, Zachary! Your sweet heart will shine on your new adventures just like it did at TOW!
Mrs. Bond, 1st Grade TOW

Colton Weeks

Congrats, Colton! We had some great laughs when you were in first grade! Keep that awesome sense of humor on your new adventures.
Mrs. Bond, 1st Grade TOW

Nikki Asghari

Yay, Nikki! Your kind sweet heart will always have a place at TOW.
Mrs. Bond, 1st Grade TOW

Samantha Ordonez

Way to go, Samantha! You were always such a sweet, kind, compassionate first grader! Good luck on your journey!
Mrs. Bond, 1st Grade TOW

Macy Pihl

Yay, Macy! I will always remember and appreciate your great sense of humor and wit as a first grader. Best of luck in all you do!
Mrs. Bond, 1st Grade TOW

Arthur Rounaghi

Way to go, Arthur! I am pretty sure you could have been President as a first grader. You always had a magical way of keeping everyone calm and getting the job done! Best of luck!
Mrs. Besecker 4th Grade Teacher

Marc Eftimie 4th Grade

Marc, I enjoyed having you in my 4th grade class! My favorite thing to do when you had a question was to say, “Question, Marc?” You brought a smile to my face everyday! Good luck!


Brooke Hardy

Brooke you were our resident class artist! I still show your art projects that you left for me to share in class as an example with my new students each year! Congratulations!
Brooklyn Bryan

Brooklyn, you were one tough little cookie in fourth grade! I remember seeing your joy and smile each day! Congratulations!
Mia Armstrong

Mia, I remember how sweet and special you were in fourth grade! Thank you for being a wonderful student and person. Congratulations!
Alessi Ayvaz

Alessi!! Congratulations!! You were brilliant in fourth grade and I knew you were going to do amazing things in life! Way to go!
Mrs. Besecker 4th Grade

Casey Boehm

Casey, you were the sweetest and politest student ever! Always ready to work hard and super motivated to learn! Thanks for being a wonderful student! Congratulations!
Mrs. Besecker 4th Grade

Joseph Hovanesian

Jo jo!! I’m sure you have outgrown that name, but I remember a sweet boy who loved to be creative and shine in class! I still share you extra credit projects with my students. Congratulations!!
Mrs. Besecker 4th Grade

Eric Silva 4th Grade

Eric, way to go! I remember a wonderful kid who loved school, wanted to learn so much, and played like a pro-athlete at recess! You have such a bright future ahead of you! Congratulations!
Ms. Leighton

Jordan Trautwein

Miss Jordan, I am so completely awed by your success! I cannot WAIT to see what the future holds for you, and I am so proud of your for taking the initiative to attend a four-year college!
Mrs. Schaeffer (Virtual Academy this year/ TMS Language Arts previous years)

Claire Tigner

Congratulations, Claire! I hope you have continued to be a voracious reader! I will never forget when you took the time to draw on every napkin for our 1,000,000 Word Reader Luncheon in 6th grade. Best of luck in your future endeavors!
Mrs. Martinez- Thurston

To my 6th period 8th grade class:

You were the BEST!! You know who you are and the great times we had learning about US History! Don’t forget your love for history! Thanks for the laughs and dedication- you are greatly missed!
Mrs. Martinez- Thurston

Senior Class

Don’t forget your LOVE for history and ALWAYS remember your DASH! You are the future leaders of the world. Make your DASH count!
Mrs. Martinez and Noelle Martinez

Thurston Forensic ClubThe memories of Blackbeard Mock Trial, Peer Court, COX Innovations and forensic club will be the memories we always treasure! Thanks for being a great TMS Forensic Club! Always represent the voices of the voiceless. Continue your journey of self discovery and adventure!

Mrs. Grey, 4th Grade, El Morro

Sophie Black


Mrs. Grey, 4th Grade, El Morro

Willis (Willy) Boyd

So proud of you!

Mrs. Grey, 4th Grade, El Morro

Kaylee Carter


Mrs. Grey, 4th Grade, El Morro

Imani Clemons

Can’t wait to see what you do in your future with that positive attitude and outlook!

Mrs. Grey, 4th Grade, El Morro

Ella Dartez

It seems like you were in fourth grade just yesterday! Best wishes to you in the future!

Mrs. Grey, 4th Grade, El Morro

Jamie Decker

Are you still the quietest girl in school?!?!?!?! Congrats to you!

Mrs. Grey, 4th Grade, El Morro

Taylor Halvorson

Taylor! I can’t believe your graduating already! Your best years are just ahead of you! Congrats!

Mrs. Grey, 4th Grade, El Morro

Sydney Hardie

Congratulations, Sydney! Wishing you a future that you’ve always dreamed of!

Mrs. Grey, 4th Grade, El Morro

Evan Henry


Mrs. Grey, 4th Grade, El Morro

Ethan Kramer

Congratulations to one of the fastest runners I’ve run with in the annual Jog-A-Thon!

Mrs. Grey, 4th Grade, El Morro

Alexander (Alex) Morck

Wishing you the best in your future! Congratulations!

Mrs. Grey, 4th Grade, El Morro

Cole Pressley

You’ve still got that million-dollar smile! Congrats!

Mrs. Grey, 4th Grade, El Morro

Teva Shonfeld

I’ll never forget your infectious, positive attitude. You had a smile for everyone! Best wishes to you in your future!

Mrs. Grey, 4th Grade, El Morro

Jordan Sitea

Such a serious student! I’m certain you have some serious plans for your future!

Mrs. Grey, 4th Grade, El Morro

Natasha Sorensen

What an achievement! So very proud of you!

Mrs. Grey, 4th Grade, El Morro

Kidd Stablein

My one-and-only student I could call “kid” when I forgot names! All “kidding” aside, I wish you all the best!

Mrs. Grey, 4th Grade, El Morro

Christopher Trinidad

Congratulations on your graduation!