Taylor Halverson: LBHS Senior of the Month


Zoe Cox, Features Editor

Having spent her entire life in Laguna Beach, Taylor Halvorson is a true local that can tell you every secret trail and hidden beach spot you could imagine. Over the years, Taylor has accumulated over 70 hours of community service — giving back to her community by volunteering at special needs camps, soccer programs, beach clean ups, homeless shelters, and much more. 

Taylor is very active at Laguna Beach High School, participating on both the track and field and varsity soccer teams. Well-liked outside of sports as well, she was even elected for the virtual homecoming court this year!

After high school, Taylor plans on attending a community college, after which she will transfer to her dream college, UC Santa Barbara. She later hopes to travel to Spain, where she will further her education and Spanish speaking skills. 

In the meantime, Taylor’s job as an Instacart Shopper has her buzzing about Laguna, delivering groceries to families around town. And when she finds time in her busy schedule, you’ll most likely find Taylor camping with her dogs, Rocko and Pearl. 

Here, Taylor reflects on her senior year in quarantine…

How has senior year been different than you imagined? 

My senior year hasn’t been the most ideal, but I am trying my best to accommodate for what we have. I am forever thankful for the students and parents that are doing their best to come up with social distant activities. 


How has the pandemic changed your future plans/social life/activities? 

Before COVID-19 I was a very sociable person. I loved hanging out with friends and going out to eat. 

When the pandemic hit, however, and restaurants closed and we went into quarantine, I’ve spent a lot more time at home with family and my boyfriend, Charlie. Because of the pandemic, I decided to go to a community college first rather than committing straight to a four year university. I want to take my time figuring out my major, housing, and work ethic, and don’t want to spend my college experience online. Hopefully, in-person school will be back in session by the time I transfer into a four year university!


How have you been keeping yourself occupied during COVID-19?

I am currently really interested in yoga! Fitness has always been a passion of mine, and practicing yoga has made me feel much more confident, happy, and healthy.  I usually practice in my room but if I do go out, I love Montage Beach’s free yoga classes every day from 10-11am. 


What do you think you’ll take away from this time? 

I’ve learned not to take things for granted and that anything can change at any time. This year has taught me that we must always try our best to maintain a positive attitude and an open mindset… no matter what! 

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