National Honor Society Club Q & A

Q: How does your club meet safely during the pandemic?

A: National Honor Society meets once a month via zoom.

Q: What short term and long term goals does your club have?

A: In the short term, NHS hopes that its members can aid the community (of Laguna Beach and, broader, Orange County) however possible during this pandemic. In the long run, NHS hopes to influence students to get involved in their communities and motivate them to give back. Hopefully, the traits bestowed upon NHS members in high school will follow them into college and then the rest of their lives.

Q: Does your club give back to the community? If so, how?

A: National Honor Society connects its members with leadership and volunteer opportunities throughout the community. As a whole, our members will have completed over 1,600 hours of community service this year (from November to June, 2020-2021).

Q: Can students get community service hours from attending your club or any of your events? If so, what would this experience look like?

A: Our club provides its members with a list of volunteer opportunities and contacts, so that NHS members can reach out, give back to, and get involved in their community. We try to encourage participation in numerous organizations/settings. We have also connected with other clubs in order to find more volunteer opportunities.

Q: What does your club strive to solve or achieve?

A: NHS aims to give back to the community, help its members form connections, and help its members grow as people.

Q: How did you come upon your club in the first place, or why do you uphold it? Was there a defining moment of experience that served as a call for action for you to take on leadership in this area? 

A: Sophia Ravenna (President): I came across National Honor Society during my freshman year of high school. My older brother was the president of NHS that year and told me all about the club and its goals. I was disheartened to learn that freshmen could not join NHS, but I applied the following year and have been a member ever since. I learned that NHS focused on the importance of students’ involvement and service within their communities and knew that it was a club that I wanted to be a part of. Not only do you need community service to graduate, but it helps to build character, teach you about the world around you and the necessity of volunteering and giving back.



Club President and Contact Info Sophia Ravenna

[email protected]

Other key members’ names, titles, contact info Vice President: Grace Wilson; [email protected]

Secretary: Shelby Thomas; [email protected]

Treasurer: Liam Rafaty; [email protected]

Historian: Keller Kramer; [email protected]

Public Relations: Pearl Sinclair; [email protected]

Service Coordinator: Mercer Janssen; [email protected]

Club Advisor: Mrs. Cowles; [email protected]

Meeting times First Monday of each month 8:00-8:30 a.m.
Open for new membership? No, we are no longer accepting applications. Rising Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores, however, may apply for next year’s National Honor Society around September/October, at the beginning of the 2021/22 school year.
Website/social media info

Instagram: lbhs.nhs.2021