She Woke Club Q & A

Zoe Cox, Features Editor

Q: What core values and beliefs are the She Woke club based on?

A: The She Woke club is based on core values and beliefs that we accept everyone regardless of race, religion, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, gender identity, and much more. We strive to create a community where these differences are celebrated rather than formed in a way to further divide humanity. 


Q: Was there a particular event that inspired you to start this club and make a change? 

A: There wasn’t necessarily a particular event that inspired me to start this club, just, you know, the build up of constant events that don’t necessarily make the news that still occurs, involving police brutality and violence against people of color and hate crimes that don’t receive the coverage they deserve. A few months after I started She Woke club was the murder of George Floyd, and that’s when people started to open their eyes, and I was glad that prior to that I started She Woke to help further the change that could be provided after this major, disastrous event. 


Q: What issues do you strive to tackle with the use of your club? 

A: She Woke strives to tackle any local issues that involve underprivileged communities who  are distraught due to systematic racism that also have high minority populations and also more local areas like Santa Ana, Downtown Los Angeles, and other places. Also, local issues involving hate, minor hate crimes, hate messages, anything where She Woke can use the idea of celebration of marginalized voices rather than hatred of marginalized voices, that is what we strive to do. 


Q: How do you envision She Woke club inspiring and affecting students at LBHS?

A: I hope She Woke club can inspire and affect students at LBHS through how we can show that we should really be trying to celebrate these marginalized groups and minorities groups where we don’t necessarily have a lot of perspective into that realm of what it’s like to be living in an underprivileged, poor community with a lot of systemic racism rooted in its poverty. Because, you know, we are thankful to be living in this wealthy community attending a school with privileges that a lot of families don’t have because of the way our system is built, and we hope to change that system one step at a time. 


Q: Do you think that these issues are particular to Laguna Beach?  

A: Of course these issues are particular to Laguna Beach with, you know,  a lot of passive micro aggression at our school which is just slight subtle racist remarks or sayings that could easily be passed by authorities, and it all builds up and totally affects our reputation as a whole. These issues affect every town, every school, and I hope that She Woke as a whole can play a part in fixing these injustices and just giving minorities the recognition they deserve. 


Q: What changes do you hope to see at our school and in our society as a result of She Woke club? 

A: As a result of these changes, She Woke hopes to see many changes at our school where people have opened their eyes more to the reality of the world which is greater than just Laguna Beach and Laguna Beach High School, to see that they can make a big difference one step at a time. Not to be cliche, but it really is true. Making a difference one step at a time isn’t just a cliche. There is much you can do to actually change and contribute and revolutionize our system and repel its flaws. 


To learn more about the She Woke club or partake in their movement to making a change, visit the link listed below:

They also have an instagram account @shewokeclub where other photos can be found. Reaching out to their instagram account is another way to join their club.