Strength in Numbers Club Q & A


Q: How does your club meet safely during the pandemic? 

A: We have biweekly meetings on Zoom and host virtual events. 

Q: What short term and long term goals does your club have?   

A: Our short term goals include things like helping our city with the ban of flavored nicotine and promoting connections between students during the pandemic. Our main long term goal is to reduce the stigma around stress in Laguna Beach and teach students healthy ways to address their stressors and talk openly about themselves. 

Q: Does your club give back to the community? If so, how?     

A: We attempt to give back to the community by helping to create a healthy and safe environment for the younger generations of Laguna. 

Q: What unique experiences or opportunities do members of your club gain?      

A: Our club is partnered with Mission Hospital, so our members are given a ton of fun and interesting community service opportunities that they might not have access to otherwise. 

Q: How might other clubs, admin, teachers, students, or broader community help you with your club?          

A: While we’ve made a big impact with the city, we still need help with reaching out to students. Other teachers, students, and clubs could help us come up with more creative ways to reach students. 

Q: Can students get community service hours from attending your club or any of your events? If so, what would this experience look like?   

A: Yes! Not only do you get community service from attending the meetings, but we announce new community service opportunities almost every meeting. Usually these opportunities involve preparing for an event by putting together goodie bags, emailing with teachers or organizations, or attending workshops. 

Q: What does your club strive to solve or achieve?         

A: We want to make Laguna a safe environment for students to share their stress without feeling judged. Especially during the pandemic, our stress levels are high and Strength in Numbers wants to make it easier for students to deal with that stress. 

Q: What is unique about your club?

A: Our club is part of a much larger organization and has sister clubs in other school districts. We have a ton of resources through Mission Hospital and we’re able to do so much because of that. 

Q: Is there an activity you all find particularly engaging?

A: A lot of our club members really enjoy planning and participating in the events that we host (like our movie night on Feb. 14th!). 

Q: How did you come upon your club in the first place, or why do you uphold it? Was there a defining moment of experience that served as a call for action for you to take on leadership in this area?

A: When I started this club, my main goal was to create a space where students could honestly talk about their stress and come up with ways to make Laguna students feel comfortable with each other.