Paws in the Quad Club Q & A


Q: How does your club meet safely during the pandemic?

A: Our club has held all of our meetings remotely via Zoom.

Q: What short term and long term goals does your club have?

A: Ideally, we would like to reduce student stress both in and out of the Laguna Beach district through therapy animals. Covid-19 has put these plans on hold, but we hope future generations will continue to broaden the reach of our club. 

Q: Does your club give back to the community? If so, how?

A: Our club was founded on the idea that animals help bring comfort and reduce stress within the highschool environment. In the past, we’ve brought dogs and other animals to campus to alleviate stress. Once animal shelters open back up, we plan to get our members involved in animal-related philanthropy. 

Q: What unique experiences or opportunities do members of your club gain?

A: During a normal year, you would get out of class early, and have the opportunity to pet animals and help facilitate our bi-annual events.

Q: How might other clubs, admin, teachers, students, or broader community help you with your club?

A: We are open to collaboration with other clubs and seeking underclassmen members with ideas to adapt our club during Covid.

Q: What does your club strive to solve or achieve?

A: Our club was founded on the desire to lessen student stress during finals by providing the opportunity to pet and hold therapy animals.

Q: What is unique about your club?

A: We have dogs. – Clara Becker 

Q: How did you come upon your club in the first place, or why do you uphold it? Was there a defining moment of experience that served as a call for action for you to take on leadership in this area? 

A: Clara Becker and I founded Paws in the Quad Club in 2018, our freshman year, after applying for and receiving a PTA grant for $1,000 to implement our idea. We applied for and received an additional $300 for the 2018-2019 school year. Last year, we secured a recurring grant to host animals on campus during finals. We’ve worked with PTA, ASB, campus supervisors, and animal vendors to coordinate and facilitate our events. During finals for the past three years, students and staff could pet golden retrievers, allow leopard geckos to wander across their hands, or even drape corn snakes and boa constrictors around their shoulders. We also welcomed cockroaches, frogs, tarantulas, and turtles!