LBHS TeamTutor Club Q & A


Q: How does your club meet safely during the pandemic?

A: Our club meets collectively during the pandemic via Zoom once every two weeks to hold brief check-ins.

Our members host multiple virtual tutoring sessions once a week with their students from elementary and middle school. 

Q: What short term and long term goals does your club have?

A: Some of our short term goals include expanding our influence to more students in the Laguna Beach Unified School District and gaining more volunteer high school tutors. Some of our long term goals include providing students with more hours of help each week and possibly helping students from other districts. 

Q: Does your club give back to the community? If so, how?

A: Our club is completely volunteer-based. All of our tutors are dedicated members of the community who found a passion in giving back by helping younger students with school material. We have held over 165 hours of tutoring sessions for middle and elementary school students. 

Q: What unique experiences or opportunities do members of your club gain?

A: Our members have the opportunity to build leadership and organization skills by learning how to teach and guide younger students through the challenges of pandemic learning.

Q: How might other clubs, admin, teachers, students, or broader community help you with your club?

A: We work with the National Honor Society as a way for their members to serve the community. We are always on the hunt for more tutors and students. It would be great if our club could be shared among the elementary and middle school teachers and parents so that more people know about our services.

Q: Can students get community service hours from attending your club or any of your events? If so, what would this experience look like?

A: Yes! Community service hours are granted for tutoring sessions. For example, if you tutor 3 hours a week, you can get 3.5 hours of community service. That extra 30 minutes is awarded to tutors who prepare extra material for their students. 

Q: What does your club strive to solve or achieve?

A: We strive to help out younger students who are falling behind or need extra help with this new way of learning. We hope to help these students adapt to the new circumstances that define our education.

Q: What is unique about your club?

A: Our club involves completely virtual community service. There are few volunteer opportunities like tutoring that completely cater to the restrictions of the pandemic.

Q: Is there an activity you all find particularly engaging?

A: All of our members have a passion for tutoring and giving back to the community. Our club grants the ability to act on these passions. 

Q: How did you come upon your club in the first place, or why do you uphold it? Was there a defining moment of experience that served as a call for action for you to take on leadership in this area?

A: Virtual learning has proved to be a struggle for all students, especially younger ones. We found many parents have been struggling to help their children with school at home. The LBHS TeamTutor Club was founded with the hope to aid both parents and students who find pandemic learning particularly challenging.