Senior Farewells

Carly Rohrer, Entertainment Editor

Dear Class of 2020,

When we ushered you into LBHS four years ago, a Link Crew Freshman Orientation never to be forgotten, I expected that your time here would be bookended with a glorious celebration full of the grandeur you deserved when you reached the point of graduation; yet here we are, and what can one say?  As always, I’ll find a way.  And I guess the lesson in all of this—one of the many lessons, I suppose—is to always try to find a way.

When school closed for what we thought would be a couple of weeks, you navigated through multiple online classes, sifting through google forms, emails, and ParentSquare, and you found a way to attack distance learning with minimal complaining. 

When you realized you would be indoors for a time, you adopted new habits (and pets), slept in until 2pm, learned to embroider, paint, bake, and play the ukulele.  You found a quiet corner in a now very crowded space to learn, to complete your assignments, to zoom with your teachers and friends, and you conquered this new reality as best you could.

When everything was canceled, you wept for a time and felt guilty for pitying your situation when you knew so many others had it worse.  I heard that sentiment over and over as you tried to “stay positive” when beaches were closed and sports were canceled, attempting on a daily basis to be grateful for what you did have.  You made a conscious effort to gaze forward, mindful that nothing could be done about this situation.  And here you are at the end of it all (and we don’t even know if it’s the end), but you found a way to make it here, and I have no doubt you will find a way to make it to the next destination, taking with you all that you have learned along this tumultuous journey.  

Stand with your head held high in this moment because you have traversed through a difficult and historic landscape, and you are here; that is cause for great celebration.  I am in awe of your resolve and your resilience in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, and I will remember the Class of 2020 as a feisty group of individuals who collectively found their way.

May the next leg of the journey be smooth and full of all the celebratory rituals you so deserve.

All my love,

Mrs. Hunnicutt  


To the graduating class of 2020:

COVID19 has forced me to question many of the values that I have taken for granted over my 30-year teaching career.  The virus has made me sad, angry, and frustrated, but has also provided novel opportunities for learning, which have enriched my life. 

I hope that you leave LBHS with the

feeling that learning is a wonderful journey that can bring you joy every day of your life.  COVID19 has shut down schools, but an inquisitive mind will always find ways to learn new things.

On the journey ahead, take advantage of the opportunities to connect with other people.  If this virus has done anything positive, it has reinforced the importance of hu

man contacts for emotional, intellectual, and economic support.  Take care of yourself and take care of others.

The class of 2020 has lost many of the traditional rites of passage that comprise a graduation year.  In order to make the world a better place, you will need to focus less on that which you have lost and more on what you have to contribute.  The simple rule of “Do the Right Thing” will serve you well in almost any situation. 

I wish you the best as you leave LBHS.  Many of you will hold a special place in my memories forever. 

Take care,

Mr. Steven Sogo

Dearest class of 2020,

As your principal for 3 of your high school years, I could not be more proud of the young adults you have grown into.  It has been an amazing journey and experience.  Wanting to celebrate you and your class they way have traditionally been able to…the way we have envisioned this day for years and not being able to do so has been one of the most trying and difficult points in my 20 plus career as an educator. The resilience and composure you have shown while dealing with the many obstacles and distancing requirements that have been thrown your way has been nothing less than heroic.  This year’s LBHS graduating class will always hold that special place in all of our hearts.  There are great things ahead for ALL of you.  You will be the generation that will reintroduce a new normal to all of us after this horrible pandemic subsides. Thank you for the sacrifices you have made for the greater good.

Dr. A

Dear Class of  2020,

Congratulations on making it through one of the most interesting and crazy years ever! 2020 is a very special class for me for many reasons.  Not only have I watched you grow through your four years at LBHS, but I have seen many of you progress through preschool at Laguna Beach Presbyterian, Top of the World, and Thurston.  

I would encourage all of you to follow your dreams, study abroad, take chances, and don’t settle or fear change.  Find what you love and make that your mission in life. 

You are a class that will persevere and make this world a better place. Continue to be who you are! I wish you all the best and I can’t wait to see your future successes.  

Mr. Wittkop