Senior Feature: Drew Fink


Scarlett Wheaton, Business Manager

Andrew (Drew) Cole Fink has been accepted and will be attending Indiana University- Bloomington in the fall and will study Public Policy and Law. Over the course of his four years at Laguna Beach High School, Drew has participated in 6 drama performances, 3 years of varsity football, 2 years of ASB and taken 5 AP classes.He has also been a Student Board Member for LBUSD Board of Education, been part of 2 district committees and spent over 500 hours at the Pageant of the Masters. 

“I am excited about pursuing my passion in public policy over the next four years. In college, I can’t wait to dive into student culture and learn from diverse members of a community. I’m ecstatic to learn about topics I’m passionate about. Politics, to me, is finding a way to help others through our government. I want to grow to understand those in need and learn how to make an impact. Importantly, I want to bring empathy back into politics. The empathy deficit in our government is extremely apparent and I hope to improve it, even if it’s one person at a time. Even a small change can ripple outward to something greater,” said Fink.

Drew Fink is an inspirational student following his beliefs into his future. He has dedicated his high school years to helping others at our school through making them laugh from on stage or contributing to the governing body of the school through ASB and as a board member.

“Drew is a natural born leader and has the confidence and courage to make a difference. He especially has compassion to listen to the needs of others and the ability to connect with people no matter what,” said TJ Fink, Drew’s Mother.

Surrounded by a network of caring beings, Drew has developed strong values throughout the course of his high school experience. 

“I am most appreciative of my environment. I have parents that love and support everything I do and a twin brother who is one of my best friends. Speaking of friends, mine are compassionate, fun, and caring. They bring out the best of me and encourage me to achieve. My teachers also care about my success and I have been able to explore my interest and mold it into a passion through the opportunities this high school offered,” said Drew.