Class of 2020: Bucket List

Class of 2020: Bucket List

Zoe Payne-Carter: Go to London”


Claire Wittkop: “Get a hairless cat” 


Tanner Burton: “Visit the Sagrada Familia in Spain (thanks Señora Garcia)”


Isabella Peterson: “Live in Europe”


Tessa Blanchard: “Skydive and own a boat”


Hailey Cortez: “Go to Paris to experience a new culture and go to Disneyland Paris to experience the Ratatouille ride since it is my favorite movie”


Geste Bianchi: “To get rich”


Phoebe van Es: “Go to the Maldives”


Andrew Reavis: “Travel more”


Ethan Ghere: “Travel the world once this pandemic ends”


Soren Patchell: “Mountain biking, take a music theory class, get my pilot’s license, open an art studio, become a certified spin instructor, study culinary arts, become fluent in French, take a film class, learn self defense, learn how to drive stick shift, learn how to change oil in car engine, travel”


Mathilde Levine: “Skydive”


Kaitlin Ryan: “Live in a different country”


Izzy Meekma: “Travel the world before I get too old to”


Aiden Blanton: “Buy a Nissan 350z”


Sahil Das: “Fly first class”


Kendra Nugent: “Become fluent in another language”


Kennedy Roller: “Travel to as many places as possible and be happy”


Luka Salib: “Know what lemur’s milk tastes like”


Charlie Besso: “Marry a rich person and reducing my carbon footprint”


Conley Good: “Travel Europe and own a horse farm in Cornwall, England”


Gabrielle Pontius: “To travel and make art”


Anthony Ramirez: “To have one of my designs featured in Paris Fashion Week”


Carter Jones: “Travel”


Logan Leeds: “Explore the world”


Skydiving in Hawaii: “Skydive in Hawaii”


Isadora Duskin-Feinberg: “Go to a Lady Gaga or Beyoncé concert”


Nathan Solomon: “Go swimming with sharks.”


Laila Cruz: “Girls backpacking trip in Europe “


Dylan Petway: “Graduate from high school…”


Ande Diggins: “Travel”


Russel Farhang: “Go to the moon”


Kendall Fraser: “Explore glaciers in Iceland”


Jessica Berk: “Climb Mt. Whitney and swim with sharks “


Lily Owen: “To travel the world, specifically Tokyo and Rome”


Danielle Gagne: “Visit the UK, meet my internet friends in person, move somewhere far”


Zoe Waters: “Have Extremely Expensive Cheese. Like I’m-a-billionaire-on-honeymoon-in-France-and-gonna-buy-cheese-for-$200 Cheese.”


Elleni Solomon: Meet Stormi Webster”


Riley Russo: “Cage diving with great white sharks”


Constantin Naseill: “Bungee jump”


James Loughlin: “Skydive”


Piper Naess: “Travel around the world with my friends”


Sophia Vandertoll: “Go bungee jumping”


Bryanna Rodriguez: “Travel around the world”


Moorea Pike: “Go on a date”


Fernando Alonso: “Skate/film in New York”


Adam Joyce: “Scuba Diving”


Luke Yates: “Road trip the entire lower 48 states”


Drew Fink: “Travel across Europe”


Beck Kessler: “Go to Europe”


Cambria Hall: “Travel to Africa”


Sammer Tarazi: “Skydive”


Jayd Sprague: “Travel to Nairobi, Kenya to visit Giraffe Manor”


Morgan Falkowski: “To visit Europe”


Camila Reese: “Travel to an insane amount of places”


Eastyn Cianto: “Live on Kauai”


Aiden Svenson: “Dunk on LeBron”


Connor Fink: “Skydive and travel the world”


Karmen Schmidt: “Go shark cage diving”


Brady Soloff: “Travel to every state in the U.S.”


Jade Petrovitch: “Talk to an idol”


Lizzy Cismoski: “Visit Italy” 


Alexander Coulious: “Take a road trip to Northern California”


Sophia Seidensticker: “Study abroad in Spain”


Jackson Yelland: “Travel the world, have dinner with Barack Obama”


Lucas Kravitz: “Free dive in Hawaii” 

Chloe Hale: “Road trip with friends” 


Sara Jacobs: “Travel to Greece”


Kenneth Chu: “Run a marathon”


Michael Torbenson: “To go skydiving”


Sierra Read: “Skydive when I turn 18”


Alex Chang: “1. Visit 20 different countries. 2. Climb Machu Picchu 3. Walk through the whole Great Wall of China 4. See the Northern Lights 5. Go on a safari”


Kareem Elmewafy: “Get a degree”


Will Potratz: “Get a bulldog”


Annamarie McIntosh: “Visit all the Disney Parks around the world” 


Jack Crawford: “Go skydiving”


Catherine Keyser: “To travel throughout the world”


Alex Lemus: “Skydive” 


Luca Elghanian: “Finishing Netflix”


Avalon Brice: “To meet Barack Obama”


Brooke Beresford: “Travel across the world”


Kenya Ripley-Dunlap: “Skydiving”


Benjamin Feinberg: “Eat an onion like an apple”


John Ford: “Watch a Chelsea game in London”


Sahba Azarli: “Go to a haunted forest”


Jackson Jenkins: “Moving out”


Joseph Schenk: “Drive a Lamborghini”


Wes Abrahams: “Live with monks for an extended period of time”


David Spitz: “Witness the northern lights”


Gabrielle Denny: “Surf the North Shore”


Mohamad Berri: “Adventuring around the world to hunt and fish”


Aiden Kidd: “Visiting all 30 MLB stadiums”


Cade St. Claire: “To ride a bull”


Hallie Carballo: “Become famous”


Omid Samanifard: “Seeing the world”


Gabriella Pachl: “Skydive”


Trent Ralston: “Travel every country”



Grace Peterson: ”Go sky diving in New Zealand”


Jillian Goson: “Go to Bali”


Schuyler Cozzens: ”My bucket list includes actively seek partners in crime, do an obscene amount of charity work, and learn how to break a cinder block with my bare hands”


Isabel Duong:”Becoming trilingual”


Vanessa Gee: “Meet a Kpop star”


Augie Renezeder: ”Squirrel suit off the top of Mount Everest”


Dylan Davis: ”Scuba diving in the Carribean”


Madi Garwal: “To go to Italy”


Holden Geary: “Build LEGO millennium falcon”


Sam Suh: “Become a doctor”


Toby Bumgardner: ”I want to be a successful business major”


Angelina Dyrnaes: “Going skydiving”


Nick O’Donnell: “Find a career I love, have kids and a wonderful wife, make an impact on others”


Julia Henry: “Traveling the world”


Olivia Shipp: “Although it’s cliche, I would like to travel to as many places across the world as I can”