Class of 2020: Goals

Class of 2020: Goals

Zoe Payne-Carter: Be rich.


Claire Wittkop: I want to start a successful nonprofit to help LGBT+ youth. 


Tanner Burton: I would like to learn how to play guitar at some point in my life.


Isabella Peterson: Travel a lot.


Tessa Blanchard: Keeping all of my highschool friends.


Hailey Cortez: One of the goals I want to achieve is to help children who struggled at home by inspiring them through a passion like education.


Geste Bianchi: To go to the Olympics for volleyball.


Andrew Reavis: Play professional volleyball in Europe.


Ethan Ghere: I want to retire in Laguna Beach.


Soren Patchell: Earn my Bachelors in Fine Arts, graduate on the Dean’s List, travel to learn about different cultures, and eventually have a family of my own. 


Kaitlin Ryan: Become a doctor.


Izzy Meekma: Being successful and accomplished in my career and life.


Aiden Blanton: Open a sneaker store in LA.


Sahil Das: Work on Wall Street.


Kendra Nugent: Have my own dog.


Kennedy Roller: I would like to see my own designs in a fashion show one day.


Luka Salib: I want my full name to be the first thing that comes up when you type in “luka” into google.


Charles Besso: I want to have a farm and a house which runs on entirely sustainable energy whether through solar panels or another resource. I want to buy my mum a garden. I also want to have children and maybe get married. If I’m rich, I’ll buy Rosé Gibson a boat, and new skis for Mr. Brobeck.


Conley Good: To play my music in a stadium venue. 


Gabrielle Pontius: One goal I would like to achieve is to be successful and happy in whatever I plan to do in life! 

Anthony Ramirez: To create a successful business and change the fashion industry.


Carter Jones: To be a good human.


Logan Leeds: To publish my book.


Kyle Herkins: Help other people.


Staci Ensminger: I want to work with people with disabilities and create more lifelong friendships within the community. 


Isadora Duskin-Feinberg: Become fluent in Mandarin Chinese.


Nathan Solomon: I’m not sure of the profession that I want later on in life, but I just want to impact a lot of people in a beneficial way, knowing that I had an impact on many people. 


Laila Cruz: Travel the world.


Jai-Lin Garrett: Becoming a successful dermatologist.


Ande Diggins: Find a good career path and travel to new places.


Russel Farhang: Start multiple million dollar companies.


Kendall Fraser: My biggest goal is to attend medical school and pursue a career in veterinary medicine.


Jessica Berk: I want to get my masters in occupational therapy.


Lily Owen: To be able to support my mom and dad just like they supported me, both financially and emotionally. 


Danielle Gagne: I want to one day move in with the person I love.


Zoe Waters: I hope to clean my room at some point.


Elleni Solomon: In the future, I hope to become a healthcare professional that provides services for underserved communities of people. 


Grace Houlahan: I would like to stay connected to as many friends from high school as possible. 


Riley Russo: Marry a Hemsworth brother.


Constantin Nasiell: Start my own company and eventually become successful.


James Loughlin: Graduate college.


Piper Naess: I would like to play professional beach volleyball. 


Sophia Vandertoll: Travel the world.


Bryanna Rodriguez: In my lifetime one of my goals is to have a family of my own!


Moorea Pike: My goal is to inspire people and bring light into dark places of people’s lives. 


Fernando Alonso: Sponsored by seven sixties.


Adam Joyce: Traveling the world as much as possible!


Luke Yates: Travel to every continent, excluding the Arctic and Antarctic.


Drew Fink: One goal is to intern at the White House during my undergraduate degree. 


Beck Kesler: Get a masters degree.


Cambria Hall: Love in marriage and family harmony.


Sammer Tarazi: I would like to be able to travel the world as much as possible and be able to live in a place where I can go to the beach during free time. 


Jayd Sprague: To become a doctor. 


Camila Reese: Learn the song from the end of the movie School of Rock.


McKayla Brooks: I want to be a concept artist for a video game company. 


Aiden Svenson: Dunking on Lebron.


Connor Fink: Live a life of success, happiness, and build a legacy.


Brady Soloff: Own a Malibu beach house.


Alex Coulious: Own my own business.


Sophia Seidensticker: Become a mother.


Jade Petrovitch: I want to create something that makes someone else feel alive.


Jackson Yelland: Start a business. 


Lucas Kravitz: Play college basketball. 


Chloe Hale: Travel. 


Sara Jacobs: Helping other people. 


Kenneth Chu: Make a contribution to the scientific community. 


Michael Torbenson: Travel to many places around the world with my kids and with my future love.


Sierra Read: Become a part time professional snake breeder.


Kareem Elmewafy: Becoming successful and buying a house.


Annamarie McIntosh: Become an imagineer at Disney.


Jack Crawford: Have a family of my own.


Catherine Keyser: I want to finally learn how to speak French fluently. 


Alex Lemus: Become a flight attendant and travel around the world.


Luca Elghanayan: Become a scientist.


Avalon Brice: I would like to be a part of the many monumental changes that are made within our society to make it better for the future. 


Brooke Beresford: Improve my artistic skills and learn to think more creatively.


Kenya Ripley-Dunlap: Help fight climate change.


Benjamin Feinberg: I hope to have a job I love so that I will never have to work a day in my life.


John Ford: Live in a high rise flat in New York.


Sahba Azarli: Travel to every continent. 


Jackson Jenkins: I would like to be able to be financially independent from my parents.


Joseph Schenk: Take multiple trips around the world with friends.


Wes Abrahams: Run for President.


David Spitz: Have a job I enjoy doing.


Gabrielle Denny: Becoming a successful woman and mother!


Mohamad Berri: Create a drivers ed school to improve LBHS drivers.


Aidan Kidd: Be a successful student athlete at the college level and build off of that.


Hallie Carballo: Become an anesthesiologist .


Omid Samanifard: I would like to achieve a high position in whatever place I work. I don’t want to have to listen to anyone.


Gabriella Pachl: Be able to own a house in Orange County.


Trent Ralston: Run a company from the bottom up while getting rich.


Grace Peterson: I would love to adopt a child (or 2) and own a husky in my lifetime. 


Jillian Goson: Get my master’s degree.


Schuyler Cozzens: Something that I’d like to achieve in my lifetime would be to pick up as many skills as I can, share those skills with as many people as I can, and to have said people give me a Vikings funeral on Lake Michigan. In that particular order.


Vanessa Gee: Be the editor of a hit movie.


Piero Wemyss: Be successful.


Augie Renezeder: To be successful.


Dylan Davis: I want to be successful both in work and life and just want to live it to its fullest potential.


Holden Geary: Win a Grammy, go platinum.


Sam Suh: Become a millionaire.


Toby Bumgardner: I want to have a stable career in the future.


Angelina Dyrnaes: Becoming a creative director (preferably in New York or Italy).


Nick O’Donnell: Make an impact on others.


Julia Henry: I would like to make a positive impact on someone’s life through my work.