Enjoy the benefits of a routine

Griffin Kristensen, Business Manager

In this time of uncertainty it is more important than ever to follow your routine. It is extremely easy to lose motivation and the discipline needed to complete the day’s task; however, setting a schedule for each day of the week helps you stay the course. 

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by your workload for the week when you look at it as a whole. But, by breaking it up and having set times for each class and assignment throughout the week, you can help ease the burden. 

A routine helps boost productivity because it decreases the time debating whether to do your task now or later. Instead of debating whether to do your math homework now and your english homework later or vice versa, have a set schedule. Have an hour for math in the morning and an hour for english in the afternoon. By having better time management, your productivity will increase. 

On the other hand, a routine also helps build a feeling of security and order by adding a sense of normality to your day. If you start your homework at five in the evening everyday, continue to do so. If you go for a walk with your family every sunday, continue to do so. If you wake up at seven every morning, continue to do so. If you go to bed at ten every night, continue to do so. 

Trying to follow your usual routine can help add a sense of normality to this time filled with unknowns. Even just getting out of your pajamas and into your everyday outfits can help your mental health and overall wellbeing by adding a little certainty to today’s uncertainties. 

Ultimately, maintaining a schedule during this time of uncertainty is of the utmost importance. If you did not have one prior to the quarantine, you should consider implementing one now more than ever. It not only helps boost productivity but it also helps add a sense of normality to life at home.