Stay active while spending your days at home

Claire Wittkop, Editor-in-Chief

While stuck under self-quarantine and social distancing, most may find themselves staying in bed all day and only making occasional trips to the kitchen to find a snack. Finding a way out of the unhealthy habits that can be formed during this time is imperative for not only your physical health but for your mental health as well. Here are some ways to get out of bed and start moving!

  1. Go for a walk or jog outside! Walking, jogging or running is, obviously, good for your physical health, but it’s a great way to spend some time out in the fresh air while still practicing social distancing. Being cooped up in the house all day will undoubtedly lead to boredom. 
  2. Learn a Tik Tok dance! This may seem cringy at first, but it’s a fun way to get moving and an excuse to get up to date with the newest trends without just sitting in bed on your phone. You could teach your mom, dad, or siblings a dance as well. Trust me, that can give you hours of entertainment. 
  3. Play a game like Just Dance! Nowadays, most of us have a gaming console, whether that’s an Xbox, Wii, or Ps4, so take advantage of the thousands of interactive games; they will get us moving, and it doesn’t just have to be Just Dance. There are Zoomba games (my mom’s personal favorite) or the classic WiiFit!
  4. Do an at-home workout! You can follow a video on Youtube (Some of my personal favorite channels are Chloe Ting, MadFit, and POPSUGAR Fitness), or follow a routine you can find on Pinterest or Instagram. Some people, professional gyms, and some super healthy individuals are even hosting workout classes over Instagram life and Tik Tok.