Stay Safe in the Ocean


The ocean is a mysterious and ever-changing phenomenon that has both given and taken life. Many people in Laguna Beach work to help people enjoy this beautiful thing in a safe and responsible way.

Diego Lapayese-Calderón, News Editor

With only ninety-five percent of the ocean discovered, one can describe the enormous expanse of water as mysterious and unknown. The ocean is a powerful force of nature, with the ability to create and to destroy. Even in modern society, some people still have been ignorant of the ocean’s strength and have died as a result.


“The ocean is another world, a place packed with a large abundance of fragile environments, diverse wildlife and fierce currents,” said Carlo Lapayese-Calderón, president of the Marine Biology Club on campus.


There are many ways to stay safe when near or in the ocean. Laguna Beach Marine Safety recommends perusing the USLA website, which has multiple resources regarding beach safety. A very important thing to do on the beach is to ask the nearby lifeguards about the ocean conditions. They are trained to know and recognize disturbances.


“When a person is at the beach, they need to always be aware of their surroundings,” said LBHS alumnus Kai Bond, captain of the Marine Safety Department. “Particularly when they are on or around the rocks. A rocky environment can be dangerous, so it is important to always check in with the lifeguard staff.”


In addition to listening to the lifeguards, swimming in front of the lifeguards is another important safety tip. Enjoying the ocean with another person is also safer than swimming by oneself. You cannot let your guard down in the ocean. The more eyes you have on you, the better. 

“You just have to respect the ocean. If you don’t respect the ocean, it will take your life in an instant,” said Jesse Rothman, a science teacher at Thurston Middle School and retired Laguna Beach Lifeguard. “Never ever turn your back on the ocean.”


Year round, most of us hear about the accidents and losses of life that occur in our immediate beach community. These tragedies remind us of how powerful the ocean really is, and how important it is that we exert caution next to this majestic, yet dangerous, part of nature. The lifeguards are doing their best to make sure that everyone can still enjoy the ocean and stay safe, but the ultimate responsibility rests with beachgoers themselves.


“The ocean’s ever-changing. There could be strong rip currents, large surf, high winds one day, and the next day it can be the complete opposite,” said Bond. “It’s definitely an environment that can be dangerous, and you should always check in with the lifeguards with the most current conditions.”