Why the Lakers will win the NBA Title

Griffin Kristensen, Business Manager

The Los Angeles Lakers are lining up to be the clear cut favorites to win the NBA title this year. Led by the fantastic play of Lebron James and Anthony Davis, the lakers are off to a 21-3 start to the season. The frontcourt duo together is averaging 54 points, 16 rebounds, and 14 assists. No other duo in the league can claim these accolades. Having arguably two of the five best players in the world on the same team already is enough to be a favorite to win the title. However, they also have exceptional role players to accommodate their star duo. Danny Green and Avery Bradley provide excellent defense and three point shooting to the squad to compliment the unselfish play styles of Davis and James. Javale McGee also offers good rebounding along with his profound defense and rim protecting. These five starters set the tone for the team and are the main reason for the Lakers’ success.

However, exceptional bench play is a big reason why the Lakers will win the NBA title this year. Although the Lakers do not have a set third scorer on their team, Kyle Kuzma is their third best scorer with 11 points per game off the bench. These numbers are expected to go up, though, because Kuzma has been nursing injuries up to this point of the season and has not gotten into his groove. Most notable, however, Rajon Rondo leads the bench with 9 points, 6 assists, and 4 rebounds on 53 percent shooting from beyond the arc. The players off the bench do not put up the best stats for the Lakers, but their importance to the team is undeniable. They all know their roles on the team and do what is needed to win games. Depending on the flow of the game, they can score, play defense, rebound the ball, simply make the right play, or do all the above. 

Ultimately, the Lakers’ star duo will carry the majority of the load for the team; however, the commitment, camaraderie, and quality of the role players will push them over the edge. For that reason, the Lakers will continue their success through the season and win the NBA title.