Ford vs. Ferrari Review

Kai Arellano, Editor-In-Chief

The new movie, Ford vs. Ferrari is set in 1966, starring Christian Bale and Matt Damon. It tells the story of the incredibly intense 24-hour race at Le Mans, France. Directed by James Mangold, the movie follows Carroll Shelby as he puts together a racing team for Ford Motor Company’s new GT 40 race car that he helps build. He has 90 days to pull together a team, create a brand new race car, and defeat Ferrari, who has won 5 consecutive years of the Le Mans race.

The movie does a great job of utilizing its experienced actors and giving viewers the feeling that they are really there. Christian Bale and Josh Lucas are able to create tension between their characters that keeps audiences intrigued. The storyline shoots their explosive personalities at each other and truly makes it feel like their characters hate each other. There are also wholesome bonds created through hardship and triumph between the Miles family members. They are also able to portray a persistent attitude in the everlasting road to victory for Ken. This is all thanks to a fantastic crew of actors and a cleverly comedic and uplifting script.

In addition to this, the racing aspects of the movie are phenomenal. With tight shots on the drivers showing their raw emotion and yelling at each other, you feel as though you are in the cars with them. The camera team is also able to perform low shots that show the constant passing and overtaking of the racers. The film’s camera work also does an excellent job of switching back from pit crew to the driver to the Ford Corporate team that gives the sense that it isn’t only the driver in the race, it’s the entirety of the Ford racing team.

Ford vs. Ferrari does, however, have a few uncertainties that left viewers a bit confused. First of all, the timeline of the movie gets to be quite confusing. The transitions from race to race seem rushed. Logically speaking as well, certain developments wouldn’t happen as fast as they appear in the film. Carroll Shelby wouldn’t be able to pull together such a team within, what in Ford vs. Ferrari seems to be a couple of weeks. In addition to this, the movie only highlights what is going on in terms of the Ford racing team, not Ferrari. This did, however, give a more personal feel because you were able to better connect with characters, as they were on screen more, but a bit of explanation on what Ferrari was doing would have made the story more climactic.

Ultimately the movie is a new light that shines on the previously unheard-of story of Ken Miles. His many ups and downs keep movie-goers always on edge yearning for his success. With award-worthy acting and despite confusions, Ford vs. Ferrari receives a Brush & Palette 8.5/10.