Why I Love Swimming

Ellie Ford, PR Manager

The noise of the world can sometimes be overwhelming.  Every second of every day we have information swarming us, but suddenly the noise of the world stops as soon you pierce the surface of the glossy blue pool.  Everything fades away and all that matters is you and the pool. Sure, technically you’re racing the person next to you and trying to win, but it’s so much more than that.  You’re racing against yourself and time itself.  Every time you enter the pool, the only goal is to be better than you were yesterday.  The little things that may seem pointless (like drills working on technique) eventually becomes the factors that lead to the big things. When difficulty arises, a positive mindset can help one overcome challenges.  Swimming has taught me how to work hard, maintain focus in order to achieve a goal, the importance of exercise, and the power of the mind.