Uniting Every LBHS Breaker


LBHS has needed work in the area of social discrimination. Together we can do anything, let’s unite and remember we’re all in this together.

Diego Lapayese-Calderón and Ellie Ford

Even though Laguna Beach prides itself on being an inclusive community, it too is not perfect when it comes to social discrimination. In order to make our school better, it is our job to accept every single student here regardless of their differences.

All human beings come from nature. We eat the plants from the Earth and drink the water that runs through rivers. The most essential things in our lives are the simple things: our family, our friends, our security and our health.

In our world, there are many ways tragedy can strike. Imagine yourself in a horrible disaster. In that situation, what would matter the most? The safety of yourself, your family, and your friends, and how you almost lost them forever. In finding your way through the disaster, you would likely think about how lucky you are to be alive and to be able to feel the sun shining on you again.

Then the emergency responders come. Do you think they care about race, sexuality, or disability in an accident? They see that you are injured, understand that your health is at risk and acknowledge that you need help. That is all that matters to them. 

There is an immediate crisis in front of us, and it is one we, as humans, have created. Social discrimination in all its forms is a bad thing. Whether it be in the form of racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism (discrimination in favor of able-bodied people) or any other form of social discrimination, they are all aimed at bringing another human being down for a selfish desire. 

Everyone carries their load of stress and insecurities. As humans, we continuously crave peer connection and approval. Do you know how many people at this high school don’t know who they are yet? Pretty much everyone. We’re all trying to figure it out so we can feel secure and healthy with ourselves. 

Again, one of the most important things to human beings are social connections. If they feel attacked because of some physical or internal characteristics that they can’t change, that feeling will lead to insecurity. People can’t help being who they are. Yet they are still attacked by individuals who are insecure themselves who believe that pushing people down is the only way to improve self-worth.

When will those people realize that the world does not revolve around them – that they are not the only thing that matters to society? Human beings can help others. We can help build each other up and make each other the best we can be. Let’s allow our society to evolve to one where we all operate as a unit, where we help each other lead the best lives we can, and where we destroy insecurities by accepting everyone. 

The task of creating a more accepting world will not happen overnight. Where there is no unity, there is no strength. Change occurs when a group of dedicated individuals unite, with the intention of creating something that may seem impossible. We need everyone at LBHS to be an emergency responder, to open their hearts in acceptance, so we can all help each other. But if you really can’t help people because you truly believe in those differences, then just don’t speak, and don’t hurt others for simply being themselves.