Football player’s lockers swiped during practices


Every male athlete has access to the lockers under the Duggar Gym to store their clothing and equipment. Student theft is a recurring issue; numerous students experienced similar thefts last year as well.

Maddox de Brettevillle, Sports Editor

Last October, a series of thefts occurred in the boys’ locker room located beneath the Duggar Gym. Numerous students had their belongings stolen from their lockers, including wallets and cash.

“The stealing happened in the locker room during sports practices while the locker room was empty,” said junior football player Nick Josephs.

Plenty of the lockers sit without locks. Others choose to leave the locks undone, and occasionally other lockers stay wide open. For some reason, students don’t seem to find it necessary that they lock their belongings, or perhaps they forget to do it. 

The administration has taken action to help combat potential theft across campus.

We have increased the campus supervisors’ presence in the locker rooms and have implemented procedures to lock the locker rooms during lunch and all class periods, including 6th, to further deter any additional thefts,” said assistant principal Dale Miller.

The students have been unable to retrieve their stolen belongings, and they have not been compensated for the money that was taken from them.

“The stealing made me feel very upset, especially when I learned that I wasn’t able to get my belongings back,” said Josephs. 

School policy states that the institution is not responsible for lost or stolen belongings. Students are puzzled as to why someone would go through the trouble to take someone’s belongings. It is hard to understand how stealing some cash is worth risking suspension, expulsion or college eligibility.

“I am annoyed because it happened a year ago too,” said junior Lucas Martin-Schimmelpfennig. 

This stealing raises a question about security at the high school and in Laguna in general. Students and residents should not forget that even in a safe community like Laguna Beach, theft and crime can still happen.

“During lunch, I usually leave my bag where I was sitting when I get up to go get water or retrieve something from the office,” said sophomore Owen van Es. “These recent stealings kind of make me second guess if I should really be leaving my stuff lying around. Luckily, nothing has happened yet.”

Other students do not really believe that the thefts are cause for worry. A few things being stolen from lockers doesn’t seem to raise alarms for all students.

“I’m not really that concerned about my own belongings being stolen,” said sophomore Vik Kasaraneni. “I have never had a problem with it, so I’m not sure these locker room thefts are reason to be extra cautious.”

The solution to these problems is simple.

My best advice, secure your items. If you need a lock, please see either your PE teacher or the athletics office and obtain a lock to secure your items in the locker rooms,” said Miller.