State-winning LBHS coach Andy Thomas makes his return to the pitch


Thomas (center) talks to his players (from left to right) Adrian Ricci-Fisher, Diego Tellez Rodriquez and Griffin Kristensen about the upcoming season. Coach Thomas has found success with the team in the past and looks to continue that success with his new players.

Griffin Kristensen, Business Manager

If you hear a Manx accent around LBHS, it’s because Andy Thomas was recently hired as 

the boys varsity soccer head coach.  Thomas, originally from the Isle of Man, coached LBHS soccer from the late nineties to early two thousands and has the most winning record of any boys soccer coach to date in our school history.

“It’s going to be a very tough season, so I intend to work as hard as possible to prepare the team to compete,” said Thomas.

His amazing success includes league titles as well as three state titles in just six years. Among Thomas’ accolades is his Los Angeles Times Coach of the Year Award. After missing CIF the past couple of years, the boys soccer program hopes to return to this level of success with the help of their experienced coach.

“Coach Andy is great. He is so passionate about what he does and simply wants the best from everyone,” said varsity player Charlie McBean.

Thomas enjoys writing music and singing the praises of Liverpool FC. He uses his passion, sense of humor, and quick wit to inspire young players to excel and do their best. Some of his ex players have even said that his half-time talks can be legendary.

“The league we play in is very competitive, so I know it’s going to be very challenging. I’m looking forward to the challenge,” said Thomas.

Thomas acknowledged that the program is at a disadvantage because other schools in the Sunset League can be three times as big. This means that everybody in the program must work diligently in order to succeed.

Thomas’s coaching style depends on the particular strengths of his players each year. He hopes to implement a style of play that will best fit the players and help the team win games. Due to the field being so narrow, the team will be forced to play more directly and assertively at home.

“The field and the home crowd encourage us to play with a more aggressive playstyle,” said varsity player Booker Frith.

The new coach already knows many of the players through the local club programs and knows the quality and experience they bring to the field. He cannot wait to get started and help the boys develop and compete at the highest level.

“A coach is only as good as his players, and I know there are good players at LBHS,” said Thomas.