LBHS junior qualifies for National Crew Competition

Austin Plank, Photographer

LBHS Junior, Amar Bhatia is a member of Crew at the Newport Sea Base and has recently qualified for Nationals for Crew.  Bhatia has been a member of Crew since the summer going into his freshmen year and has performed sensationally since he has started.

“Amar got interested in crew in the summer of his Freshman year. He was looking for a sport that would be a good fit for him and was done with soccer by then. He took to crew right away. Something about the discipline and zen appealed to him. It just clicked,” said Amar’s father, Dev Bhatia.

Amar began rowing in Crew and has been amazing at it since he had started. Now Amar has been rowing for two years and is looking forward to rowing at the collegiate level at whichever college he gets accepted to.

“ I definitely plan to row in college and have been communicating with various rowing coaches from colleges primarily on the east coast to get recruited,” said Amar Bhatia.

Amar has had many different accomplishments, but one that stood out was the fact that he has qualified for nationals.

James Long-Lerno, Amar’s Crew coach has stated that Amar puts in a lot of hard work and definitely has the potential to row at the collegiate level and be very successful at that level.  

His ability to compartmentalize what he is doing in that moment allows him to succeed in the gym, the classroom, and on the water which makes him a perfect match for rowing at a competitive collegiate level.

Amar plans on enjoying the Florida experience for nationals with his rowing partner Noah Cours.

“At nationals, I am looking forward to competing against some of the best rowers in the nation. Additionally, I look forward to enjoying this once in a lifetime experience with my good friend and fellow rower Noah Cours. Lastly, I can’t wait to taste the famous Floridian oysters!”