Student athletes leave a profound legacy at LBHS

Haven Thacker, Reporter

Student Athlete: Noah Haymond

Sport: Football

Grade: Senior



Quote:The legacy that I want to leave behind is that working hard will get to where you want to go in life and that doing the little things will make a difference.”


Student Athlete: Colton Gregory

Sport: Boys Water Polo

Grade: Senior

Quote: “I want my legacy to be not about winning, but about how hard you have to work in order to be successful. Doing all of the little things makes big things happen. Success will only come by establishing a hardworking team.”


Student Athlete: Becky Roach

Sport: Girls Lacrosse

Grade: Senior

Quote: “I’m really happy that I joined the lacrosse team and it’s cool that I’m playing such an important role as goalie. Everyone I’ve met on this team has been nice, and it feels like I finally have a large group of friends! I’ve never played a sport that I’ve really enjoyed before so I’m really excited to be finally doing that!”


Student Athlete: Blake Turner

Sport: Girls Soccer

Grade: Senior

Quote: “We are one team that needs to make everyone feel included regardless of their age. I hope to leave behind a culture where the seniors make it a priority to guide their younger teammates in a positive direction both on and off the field.”



KAYLA COSCINO:The last four years on surf team have been unforgettable. I’ve made lifelong friends and made countless memories. Our surf team isn’t just a team, it’s a family too. I hope that in the future, the team stays a family, grows together, and experiences the same love and support I received.”


GRETCHEN WEBB: “One of the most important parts of playing a sport is being resilient and never giving up. I want to leave behind a standard for working as hard as possible- no matter what your job on the team is. Everyone is needed to be successful, so keep trying your best and don’t put others down.”


TRAVIS BOOTH: “When I graduate from High School, I want my LBHS Surf Team Legacy to be about giving it your all, because that’s what it takes to win. Nothing is given to you. You have to work for it, and that is what leads to success.”


RYAN SMITHERS: “Success isn’t defined by your PR— It’s defined by your ability to respond to your failures with a desire to persevere, to work harder instead of quitting. I believe our senior class has cultivated this close-knit family that can respond to adversity with excellence.”


“Sports have taught me to accept defeats and appreciate triumphs. I want to leave behind the value of resilience in the face of adversity and the importance of supporting one’s teammates and peers.”