Cons to tourism

Lela McCarroll, Liaison Manager

Have you ever been stuck in traffic in town when the traffic light is red? What about when the traffic light turns green, and you’re still not moving? Welcome to the problem of 23,147 locals that live with this issue everyday. I understand the town’s draw with its beaches and the rich art culture. However, tourism has become more of a problem than a benefit for the citizens of Laguna. Stop-and-go traffic is understandable during summer, but spring seems to deliver the same amount of traffic, even in this colder weather. Have you ever driven by the local Urth Caffe? Ever see a short line? Locals have given up trying to find a table at Urth Cafe as the tourists have taken it over. All of our favorite restaurants in Laguna require more than a half-an-hour wait for a table. If tourists are approaching Laguna in spring, what will summer look like for Laguna? You might as well walk than drive.

The millions of visitors each year also causes the beaches to be polluted with trash. We already have rules on maintaining to keep Laguna clean; however, the tourists don’t take these rules seriously since they’re only here temporarily, and they leave without picking up their trash. As new parking structures are planning to be built in Laguna to accommodate the amount of ever-increasing tourists, this takes away more space for the locals to enjoy the nature that Laguna provides. The parking structures will just encourage even more tourists to visit Laguna as well. Many shops and restaurants are increasing the prices on their products to the point where the locals are finding it difficult to afford. Every now and then the locals of Laguna like to spend some time in their town and adventure around, however, it’s difficult to enjoy the beaches and other amenities when you can’t even get a table or enjoy the beaches due to the sheer amount of people. It’s hard enough to get to your destination alone without the tourists. When summer approaches, plan on leaving your house at least 15 minutes early to reach your destination on time. Next time you are stuck at a traffic light, remember the tourists are what made you late.