Yuika Yoshida, Opinions Editor

If you’re a student, you have most likely noticed the massive push to use technology in the classroom. It’s a great benefit for teachers and students alike, providing alternative ways to explore the content and demonstrate learning. Regular use of technology in the classroom, however, raises questions concerning whether technology is truly helpful in all circumstances. When teachers frequently show summary videos in class to substitute for face-to-face lessons, students may actually become disengaged. Trying to keep students focused is no easy task, so it’s understandable why teachers might think that funny, educational videos will make an impact.  However, we would like to reassure teachers that although we do have short attention spans at times and seem consumed with technology, we still are much more interested in learning from you, the person. Your individual teaching style, your shared experiences, your humor, your perspectives, your expertise— these are what we value most, so please don’t misunderstand and think that we would rather plug in to the day’s lesson and set you aside. There are times where old-school lecturing and notetaking can be just as effective, and there are circumstances when a teacher’s side-by-side partnering with technology creates the perfect balance for student learning and engagement. So please don’t think that technology is necessary to catch the attention of students; it should add meaning to the lesson and fit with what we love and respect about your personal teaching methods.