Guilty Pleasures

Gee Brown, News Editor

I’ve always believed that people should have the right to like the things they enjoy- granted that these things aren’t illegal or dangerous to themself or others. Unfortunately, it seems as though, nowadays, it’s become cool to hate things. With the uprise of “cringe culture” it’s become more difficult to enjoy things without the harsh criticism of others. This culture started on the internet, making fun of people and/or insulting them by calling them “cringy” or “cringe” for doing something which doesn’t harm anyone nor anything. Many young artists who have grown up on the internet have found the bravery to post their art on various websites; either to share ideas or document their works to look back on and see their progress in the future. Though much of it may not be well developed or executed, the point is that they spent time and effort on it. Much of the young artist community consists of kids drawing, or tracing, images from anime or cartoons. To these kids’ dismay, older, and more experienced artists feel the need to criticize rather than critique and offer valuable information to overall help them improve as a creator. This overall is damaging to the already low confidence of a young artist embracing their blossoming creative talents.