Hipster Takeover


Mercer Janssen, PR Manager

I can’t walk anywhere without finding a restaurant specifically made by hipsters and marketed for them. What is up with the general populations fascination with mason jars and instagramable place settings? Why make deconstructed food, when it’s all going to have to go together eventually?

According to Wikipedia, the word hipster is used,“to describe someone who is pretentious or overly trendy.”

Now that is not to say hipsters haven’t contributed much to the internet, they practically run twitter and buzzfeed, and for that I am thankful. Yet I also find them at fault for the vegan movement, and if I find myself at another vegan restaurant with cashew cheese on my organic almond and avocado toast, I will pull my hair out myself. Rather than going to some hipster hair salon with a tattooed beanied hairdresser with a nice beard.

Now we are all entitled to our own opinions, and mine is that while hipsters can enjoy their overpriced mason jar cold brew with oat milk, I will be across the street eating a perfectly good burger sans weird toppings.