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How could you not say yes?

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How could you not say yes?

George Saba, Photo Editor

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Saying no is a far too simple phrase; “No I don’t want to” or “No, I’m fine”.  Saying yes, however, is much more complex and sophisticated phrase; “Why yes, that sounds stupendous! I’d love to go to the beach this afternoon!”  My point is, saying “yes” will get one farther in life, and allow for much better times. That brings me to my thesis statement, my claim, the beginning sentence of my CER essay: You should go to a dance with someone, despite your lack of affection for them, if they asked you.

I know what you’re thinking, “Why would I say yes to someone if I don’t even like them?” My question for you is, why wouldn’t you say yes? Not every dance is a solely romantic scene with slow dances, tuxedos, and corsages. Most people that don’t already have dates, end up going with friends anyways? Why not treat your date like a friend? If someone is asking someone else, that they had no previous relationship with, whether that be in the means of dating or a friendship, they probably aren’t expecting a slow dance or a romantic dinner before the dance.

You would have so much more fun, saying “yes” and going to the dance, rather than saying no and sitting at home, binge-watching your favorite Netflix series. Not to mention, imagine how bad the proposer would feel if you said no to them. What if you were asking someone to go to the dance with you that you always had a crush on, but knew they were “out of your league,” and they said no. I know for a fact that you would feel pretty distraught. Think about how you were raised as well, you parents, religious leaders, older siblings, cousins, they all taught you to be kind and considerate of others, no matter the situation.

Everyone should feel comfortable asking whomever they desire to a dance and there’s no reason anyone should question whether or not the person they ask is going to say yes.

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How could you not say yes?