Football advances to CIF semifinals


(Luna Tarazi)

Senior wide receiver Sean Nolan stretches for the touchdown. Nolan is a key contributor for the Breakers.

Will Clark, Editor-in-chief/ Managing Editor

Tonight, the LBHS football team has the opportunity to do something our football program has not achieved since 1946: win a CIF semi-final game and reach the championship showdown. This season, the football program has continued to exceed expectations with their consistent performance and success.

“We can attribute the teams success this season to all the hard work that we’ve put in over the past few seasons. To win the championship we must work as team and stay disciplined,” said senior wide receiver Kai Ball.

In previous years, the LBHS football program struggled to find a way to build a winning program. However, with the arrival of third year head coach John Shannahan, the program looks to match this season’s success for years to come. Finishing with a 10-2 regular season record and a run to the CIF semi-finals, the new standard is set for LBHS football.  

“Firstly, the consistency in coaching, having the same coaches for the last three seasons has been huge.,” said assistant coach Tarquin Stephenson on the reasons behind the team’s success this year “For us this year especially, depth. On both the offensive and defensive lines and the wide receivers have had some depth which has allowed guys to be a lot fresher and less guys having to play both ways. And the kids having to deal with a ton of adversity, and understanding that adversity is the nature of the game and that there are going to be times when you’re gonna be down and times when you’re gonna be up, and it’s how you deal with situations when it’s tough and face adversity that show the kind of team you are. That is something that Coach Shanahan has been talking about since day one that the kids are really starting to buy in to.”

Following strong victories against Saddleback Valley Christian in the first round of CIF and Northwood in round two, the Breakers look to take down the Pioneers of Artesia High School out of Lakewood.

“We have been working hard for the past nine months and the wins are just coming along with it. For the next two games, we’ll just have to do everything at a little higher level to win and then we will have to make no mistakes in the games,” said senior wide receiver Sean Nolan.