Athletic department adds new facilities

Kai Arellano, Reporter

Adjacent to the baseball field, a new building will be opening up in the Spring of 2019 that will store sports equipment, have restrooms and sell goods during game days.“There were some storage containers and some porta potties, and they housed all of the athletic storage for the different sports teams,” said Director of Facilities Ryan Zajda of the previous area.
The new restrooms facilities are for baseball games and for the visitors during track or field type events. These will replace the old porta potties that sat next to the visitor bleachers. The restrooms will also be open after hours for the community to use until the stadium closes at 9:30 p.m.
“The extra the bathrooms next to the track will be beneficial because after practice the other bathrooms are usually full,” said freshman cross country runner Vincent Virga.
The building will feature a storage area for the field sports. The design also allows the different sports to rotate their gear from section to section. So when it’s football season, the football gear will be closest to the track, and when it’s track season, the track gear will be closest to the track. Large garage doors will make it easier for the teams to pull things in and out. There will also be a grab-and-go snack bar to give fans at football games more options than just the food trucks.
The administration tried to keep the architecture true to the school while including functionality.
“It’s really important that we keep the architecture here at Laguna Beach High School and tie it into the campus,” said Zajda.