Sasha Kvitsinski, Editor-in-Chief/ Managing Editor

Hello Brush and Palette readers! In reading over the archives of our school newspapers, I stumbled upon a really interesting article that I’ve posted below. It’s from a past release from Brush and Palette in 1984. The article is written by Michelle McGowan. Enjoy!


Who needs five classes their senior year? I sure don’t! After three consecutive years of taking five or six classes per trimester, we need a break! Several seniors have struggled very had for the past three years to build up enough credits in ROP classes and other special classes, so that they could work and-or do other extracurricular activities before venturing out into the “real world”

Many Seniors feel that this new law should be revoked, because they worked very hard to gain extra credits. No, all of their extra time and effort were unnecessary.

Education is not only found in schools, but in experiences that a person deals with in his life. By working, traveling, and learning to deal with other people, a student can gain as much knowledge outside of a classroom as he can inside. Thus, just because a student takes fewer than five classes, it does not mean he is being “flaky.” Instead, he is just learning in a different way… in his own way.