Being a senior can be dangerous to your GPA

Sasha Kvitsinski, Editor-in-Chief/ Managing Editor

Hello Brush and Palette readers! In reading over the archives of our school newspapers, I stumbled upon a really interesting article that I’ve posted below. It’s from a past release from Brush and Palette in 1984. The article is written by Lori Dumovich. Enjoy!

“Being A Senior Can Be Dangerous To Your GPA”

WARNING: Before June 13th most, if not all, seniors will become afflicted with the contagious disease known as “Senioritis.” Some major symptoms to look for are:

  • You begin wearing sweats to school at least 4 days a week
  • Your book bag is only large enough to hold your keys
  • You’re constantly “borrowing” paper because you never have any on you.
  • You begin replacing your wardrobe with swimming trunks
  • You’ve only stayed for lunch twice in the last month
  • You find yourself spending more time in detention than in a classroom
  • You wake up at 7:50 for your first period class

There is only one simple cure for this growing problem—  wait it out. June 13th really isn’t that far away after all!