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Senior Wills

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Nilson Wilson- “I leave Gnomecoming to Ayrton Garcia and Will Purdy”
Alana Evans- “I would like to leave the mini blue-pickle to Caroline Stewart.”
Joseph Colladay- “I leave Bench Team Captain to Drake Bell.”
Ruby Mussen- “I would like to leave my endless inside jokes to Riley Gough, Emma Russell, and Sophia Costanzo. I would like to leave my dinged 9’8” to Kayla Coscino.”
Grady Morgan: “My parking spot to Brooks Hogenauer.”
Sebastian Jacobs: “Not leaving anything.”
Jordan Meiswinkel: “My Stats notebook to my brother.”
Evie Cant: “I leave my Cliff energy chews to Jessie Rose and Molly Cohn.”
Sergio Castellanos Rojas: “My wrestling legacy to anyone who can live up to it.”
Jackson Spencer: “Manza for Taylor Kaye.”
Taylor Glenn: “I would like to leave my catcher’s glove to Lola Fisher.”
Ethan Anderson- “I leave my gaming skill to Kalani Gee and my table to Tommy Kennedy.”
Timothy Loughlin- “My Northface jacket for Colin Johnson.”
Charlie Rounaghi: “A herd of goats for Willie and Arthur Rounaghi.”
Makenzie Peasley: “I leave my great taste in guys to Hannah Neufeld.”
Lauren Struss: “I leave behind the LOAT boys to… no one. Back off.”
Spencer Finkbeiner: “To my brother, my Xbox, to my dad all of his shirts I use.”
Hannah Vogel- “I leave my love for New York City to Molly Cohn, my ego and bad hair days to Sasha Kvitsinski, and my car to Morgan Falkowski so she will never again be stranded by her brother.”
Summer Scott: “Kiwi to Boen Degroote.”
Anthony Cerdas: “My crops to Thomas Keelin and Jack Yeager.”
Jahsun Barrack: “I’d like to leave behind my hawaiian shirt for Charlie Besso.”
Charlie Hoffs: “To the AP Macroeconomics class of 2019, I leave Erik Alvarez’s sod farm. To Nicholas ‘Bub’ Hoffs, I leave thousands of outdated Seinfeld references.”
Kasey Karkoska: “My 100 breaststroke record to Ella Judd.”
Sam Burgi: “I’m leaving ye’ ol’ AFM for Enzo.”
Connor Farley: “I leave behind my common sense to Henry Stewart, my resentment for quitting to Caleb Hardy, my camera for Eulalia Garcia Amini, a stress ball for Logan Ledger, a book of facts to True, a brick wall for George Knapp, and a big thank you to Ms. Hanson, Ms. Garcia, and every other teacher who has helped me.”
Teva Clark: “My volkswagen GTI to Nadeem, the infinity gauntlet to Sascha, a couple dubs to Danny and Adam.”
Shad Betar- “The career exploration club to a motivated and confident junior or senior.”
Jake Booth – “I would like to leave behind one fortnite solo dub to Aidan Booth.”
Andrew Keyser- “My backpack to the weight room. It’s their back problem now.”
Matt Ghere: “My choice in women to Zack Bonnin; La La Land on the piano to Tanner Burton.”
Caterina Jacobs- “I leave my unhealthy obsession with pressed juicery to Sara Jacobs and Hannah Abrahamson.”
Joseph Ravenna – “I’m leaving my ASB empire to my sister, Sophia, because nepotism isn’t dead.”
Regan Lawson- “My car that looks like the poop emoji for my little brother.”
Seryne Aryeh- “My personal swing set to Lauren Allen, my love of classical music to Luka Salib, and my capacity for anger to Malin Glade.”
Megan Mathews- “My backpack to Mrs. Merritt to forever disrupt her seating chart.”
Dylan Miller- “My sense of humor to my sister Sage Miller.”
Claire O’Connor- “My 30 min parking spot to Bella Fonk.”
Grant Richardson- “Film Club to Zoe and Ammaine, the drum major mace to Zack, and Disney Grad Night tickets for the class of 2019.”
Alden Kramer- “I leave behind Cruyff tums in the midfield to chromebook Onodera.”
Liv Mitchell- “My dead graphing calculator to Julia Trabert.”
Moragh Graf- “To Luci Becker, I leave trying to look good every day but only doing it sometimes.”
Cameron Garcia: “I leave behind my good reputation with my teachers to my brothers.”
Larsen McCarroll: “I leave my bassoon and speedo to Nathan Houlas. May he play in comfort.”
Alex Peros: “I want to leave my heart and King Kong for CiCi Stewart. Love you long time.”
Sean Decker: “I leave Ebay beach to George Knapp.”
Olivia Rosen: “I leave behind my almost perfect attendance to Emma Gibbs.”
Madelaine Melchor: “My chanclas for Cromwell Anaya.”
Garrett Tyler: “I would like to leave behind my immense amount of knowledge from ROP to Jack Strickland.”
Riley Bumgardner: “I leave my dirty surf and towel and Lane 1 to Willy Boyd.”
John Langton: “I will leave my good looks to Booker Frith.”
Carson Cushing: “I plan on giving my extra headbands to Booker Frith and Griffin Kristensen.”
Joseph Colladay: “I leave bench team captain to Drake Bell.”
Blake Burzell: “I’d like to leave behind my jersey to Brooks Hogenauer, and my baseball jersey to Eric Silva.”
Clay Zarinelli: “To Shanai Anguis, I leave the responsibility to drive everyone everywhere.”
Sawyer Chesley: “I would like to leave my jersey to Nolan Smith.”
Kassandra Rocker: “My spot on the bench to Cosette Chesley.”
Dulce Javier: “I would like to leave all my demerits to my sister, Xochi.”
Zoe Bowman – “I leave my stress of MACROECONOMICS to Yuika Egan and the Pfanner twins.”
Thea Walsh- “I would like to pass the torch as ‘Edo Torcherer’ to Cici Stewart.”
Charlie Hutson: “I leave the task of doing makeup for the dance shows to Brooke Hardy.”
Coby Bryan: “I leave my skateboard to my freshman sister Brooklyn, so she can always be 5 minutes late to class. You’re welcome.”
Brianna Brown: “I leave my procrastination skills and the ability to go on my phone for hours to Anne-Marie.”
Perla Madrigal: “My physics notebook to my cousin.”
Jack Mastroberti- “I would leave behind everything I have for Ruby Amodeo.”
Jackson Stillwell- “I’m leaving behind my remaining brain cell to George Knapp cuz he needs it.”
Maxcy Grasso- “I leave behind my funny videos to Alex Lemus.”
Joseph Sweet: “I’ll leave my 90mph fastball to Eric Silva.”
Marcus Randrup: “I leave my king-sized bed to my dog.”
Gabriel Leppo: “I would like to leave my bad luck and misfortunes to William Purdy and Rick Etinger. My hair clippers for Bret Fleming.”
Owen McMurray: “Chuck’s and my weight bench to Lucas Krovitz.”
Salar Azarli: “I leave my senioritis to Sahba Azarli.”
Savannah Johnson: “My love and care to others, in short, my positive energy to my sister Janine.”
Madeline Pontius: “My car to my younger sister, Gabi.”
Taylor Corrigan- “My Alchemist Cookbook to my brother Blake.”
Enrique Palacios: “My Apple watch to Ming Yen.”
Chloe Levine: “To my little sister Mathilde Levine, I leave anything I don’t want.”
Shasta McKinsey: “I would like to leave my pile of old, undone homework to my younger brother, Sheldon.”
Eilidh Stalker: “I leave the minions to Hannah Neufeld.”
Christian Beatty: “I’m going to leave my barbell and weights to my younger sister Kylie Beatty (freshman).”
Remington Cord: “I would like to leave behind my upstairs room to my younger brother.”
Danielle Borelli: “If I could, I would leave behind my Yaris with Gabi Denny.”
Cole Fredlow: “I would like to leave the four different chromebooks I borrowed this year to Ms. Norris. I really don’t know how she let me have four at a time.”
Shiloah Tester: “My Honda Fit to Rose Gibson. LOL.”
Sophia Diaz-Anderson: “I want to leave my weight bench for my younger brother.”
Teva Clark: “My volkswagen GTI to Nadeem, the infinity gauntlet to Sascha, a couple dubs to Danny and Adam.”
Joie Selin: “I leave behind JV swim captan to Sasha Kvitsinski.”
Kyle Sarris: “My motorcycle to anyone who wants to annoy the populus.”
Kyla Whitlock: “My front row parking spot to rising juniors and seniors waking up early enough to get it.”
Nicolas Carpino: “My superior math skills to Kolton Freeman.”
Matthew Torres: “I would like to leave my fishing rods behind to my little sister.”
Louis Skaist: “My captain hat to Zack B.”
JP DeBarber: “My parking spot to Nick Darby.”
Aleya Post: “My laziness to the entire junior class.”
Bryce Campanelli: “My car for my sister.”
Francisco Godoy: “My terrible sense of humor to Ryan Robinson.”
Austin Hamlin: “I leave behind nothing, nothing but chance of good humor. None of you are funny.”
Dario Garcia Amini: “I would like to leave behind my workout routine to my youngest brother in my family.
Amber Gourley: “My drama for Katrin Trimarche.”
Olivia Steiner: “My dog to Summer Scott.”
Zach Fields- “I would like to leave behind my truck for my young brother.”
Sydney Koziarz- “I would like to leave my giant coffee mug to Ryan Robinson.”
Jack Raffo: “I’m gonna leave my bed for my boy to sleep in.”
Daisy Jeffers: “I would like to leave behind my cat and give it to my mom because it’s at my dad’s house.”
Wyatt Mcmurray: “I would like to leave my soft helmet from football. Have fun waking up on Thursday at 6:00 a.m.”
Jared Firebaugh: “I ain’t taking anything to the marines…”
Meg Peterson: “I leave nothing to no one. Things are earned. Not given.”
Jaimie Langner: “My spot as the only 1st soprano to Shelby Thomas.”
Mila Kellam: “My carpeta to anyone taking AP Spanish Lit next year.”
Lexi McKeown: “I leave my knee pads to Piper Naess.”
Raul Campos: “I’ll leave my ACR project for the next year’s class.”
Haylee Jarvis: “I want to leave my passion for soccer to Shanai Auguis.”
BellaRose Robinson- “I leave my dog to my parents.”
Sofia Airey- “I leave my heart to Trey Lockheart.”
Justin Holm : “I would like to leave behind my quick hands to Eric Silva.”
Nayiri Alexander: “I leave behind the library table for the future ‘free-fifthers’.”
Alexa Anderson: “Sarah, I want you to always have hope and know there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Despite what you are going through, there will always be kind people to help you. I will always be there for you, too.”
Amanda Corlett- “I leave my love for Spanish to Quinn.”
Spencer Davis “Leave manz for Brodi H.”
Michael Davidson: “Clean diddles to Austin Newbury.”
Nina Larsen: “First-chair in band to Mason Lebby. Good luck ;).”
Emerson McCune : “I leave behind Donna to Kerin Onedera.”
Casey Conley : “I would like to leave behind dearly and beloved Kelly to Chloe Bryan.”
Miles Stripling “I would leave my spikeball net, but I’m bringing that with me 100%.”
Dylan Schreyer: “I would like to give Eric Silva the key to esketit world.”
Will Ross: “All of my baseball stuff to Eric Silva.”
Kelly Keller: “I give my keys to Hayden Woodburn.”
Matteo Mesinas: “My locker to my younger brother (Zac Henderson).”
Anjelique Alexander: “My Spanish binder to Senor Garvey.”
Sage Sheehan-Yoot: “I’d like to leave behind my used papers to my sister.”
Lauren Perales: “Leave my pens to Jenner.”
Sarah Dworakowski(none): “I’m going to leave my positivity to my brothers who will soon attend school here.”
Hillary Estreicher – “I would like to leave behind the idea of you don’t like the pep and you want your grade to be more fun, you can lead this.”
Remy Mackel : “My P.O. life to Kent Cebreros.”
Sydney Huang: “I leave behind nothing, I take with me all my memories I made at LBHS.”
Dante Fornaro: “My parking spot to Jagger.”
Ramsey Elmewafy: “My old basketball shoes to my younger brother.”
Luca Catalano- “I would like to leave behind the Pledge for Cal Neilson to say every day over the intercom.”
Audrey Duffy- “I leave behind my SharpTurnAhead shrine to Bella Fonk.”
Sam Pierce- “I am leaving my Xbox to my brother.”
Kyle Sharp- “I leave behind a happy Senor Garvey because I’m continuing his legacy at Redlands.”
Curtis Harrison: “The ball bag for AJ (Andrew Johnson).”
Parker Simpson: “I’d like to leave behind my ripped wetsuit to Enzo Sadler.”
Elizabeth Steinbach- “To Sabrina Flagstad I am leave my power of time travel.”
Hailey Meister – “The English books I bought and wrote notes in to my younger brother.”
Jaclyn Cortellessa – “My shifts at La Sirena to my sister Ryan <3” Tyriq McGivern - “My iconic beanie to my bestie Jaime Decker and pass my torch to my friend Alex Lemus, be a Queen.” Katherine Kruger - “I leave my demerits to Hannah Neufeld.” Mark Berger - “My disarming charisma and unmatched genius to my brother David.” Blake Hawkins - I will “it’s a hit” to Hannah Abrahamson” Annika McGraw - “I leave behind my bright orange mini cooper to Mathilde Levine so that you will always get noticed when you drive.” Katie Moore: “I leave my spot in the back of every dance performance to my little cousin Harper Bunn.” Zachary Fields- “I would like to leave behind my favorite pen for my younger brother”

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