Students Must Improve

Hello Brush and Palette readers! In reading over the archives of our school newspapers, I stumbled upon a really interesting article that I’ve posted below. It’s from a past release from Brush and Palette in 1965. The article is written by Mason Norwood. Enjoy!

Sasha Kvitsinski, Editor-in-Chief

Due to the incompetent actions of a few Laguna Beach High students, the entire student body may be forced to suffer.
The situation in reference is the very poor discipline which students are showing when leaving campus for lunch downtown. Many city establishments which are frequented by students for mid-day meals have been left littered. This sort of condition does not look good for both the school (since students here are the cause of it) and for the proprietor of the eating establishment.
Most specifically, this is the instance with the All-American Market. The public does not appreciate the action of high school students and in turn look upon LBHS as a school “with a much of messy kids.”
Not only will students be indirectly punished by the community, but they will also be directly reprimanded by the school administration and Student Council. If improvement does not come very quickly, the campus would more than likely be closed.
A closed campus for Laguna High would prove unfavorable not only because many like to eat downtown, but also because the facilities for serving lunch here are not large enough to accommodate the entire school.
The possibility of a closed campus is inevitable if the present situation continues. It is the responsibility of the students involved to change that situation immediately.