Website created for incoming students

Grace Wilson, Web Manager

In relation to the Rocket Ready program, English teachers Kristen Kaa and Sean Mehegan have headed up the creation of a new website for incoming freshman and other students new to LBHS. The Rocket Ready program, supported by the school, is an effort to utilize technology to reach students better.
“We both realized that our students are experiencing very high levels of stress. This website would give new students tips, tricks, and ideas from people who have already been through the freshman experience who could lend their expertise to the incoming students to make them feel more comfortable and less stressed out,” said Kaa.
Students, in conjunction with these teachers, have collaborated and designed content for the website. The site will include interactive maps to better prepare students without ever setting foot in the classroom, as well as student-created videos about ASB, pep assemblies, and home games. These students have begun interviewing teachers about how to handle SDL, athletic releases, makeup work and PowerLearning.
“I think the website will help to give incoming students a sense of being in high school and having the knowledge to know what to do. If they become lost, they could go to the website. I enjoyed doing this project because I like making PowerPoints that are informational and help people,” said freshman Jordan Trautwein.
This website will even prove beneficial to more than just freshman. There is set to be a component designed for transfer students as well. This will include advice regarding where to park, where to eat and how to access interactive maps.
“Many kids wanted to focus on the social-emotional aspect of high school. ‘What to do when you are stressed out’ is our biggest tag of information. We will have a link to our general website where Ms. Aronson will have social-emotional support links – suicide hotlines, eating disorder help, and other situations that students encounter when they are overwhelmed emotionally. There will be resources just like what we have already on our school website as well,” said Kaa.
It will most likely be active by the end of the year and continue to be an ongoing presence that can continue to be updated.
“We will welcome additional input from freshmen regarding necessary knowledge to have prior to arriving at LBHS as a new HS student,” said Mehegan.