NBA Playoff prediction

Willie Rounaghi, Sports Editor

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Eastern Conference Finals-
Boston Celtics vs. Cleveland Cavaliers:
Prediction: Celtics will win this series in 7 games.
Reasoning: Although the Cavaliers come into this series beating the 1 seed, Toronto Raptors, (4-0) the young Celtics core has even more momentum after beating the skilled 76ers team (4-1). There is no denying that LeBron James is the most dominant player in the league, but if any team has the defense equipped to guard him it is the Boston Celtics. The Boston Celtics have lost their two best players, Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving, due to injuries. But, as one goes down another steps up and the Celtics have found new stars to carry their team. This aggressive Celtics team becomes hard to beat when on their home floor and they still haven’t lost in the Boston Garden in the playoffs (7-0). This series will be close, and will go back and forth. Since Boston has home court advantage during Game 7 they will come out victorious.

Western Conference Finals-
Houston Rockets vs. Golden State Warriors:
Prediction: Golden State will win in 5.
Reasoning: The Golden State Warriors are deadly when healthy, and now that they have Steph Curry back this will be a really tough series for Houston. Their team play and incredible three point shooting ability will be too hard for the Rockets’ isolation offense to match. Chris Paul and James Harden are extremely good players, but the Warriors defense is too solid to play one on one against on every possession. The only team equipped to consistently handle the Rockets quick scoring runs is the Warriors. This series will not be close. James Harden will help the Rockets sneak out with one win, but the Warriors will end Houston’s historic season in 5 games.

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