Students donate blood for those in need


Grace Wilson, Web Assistant

On March 22, the school hosted a blood drive through Red Cross open to all people over sixteen years old. Taking time out their busy schedules, students and faculty went to the Dugger Gym to donate their blood for those in need.

“26% of the blood that is collected in California is from high school and college students. They are very community driven and want to do the right thing to help,” said Account Representative in Blood Services Karen Powell.

The blood collected goes to hospitals in communities nearby. Between Orange County and San Diego, Red Cross does about 50 to 60 blood drives a week at places like high schools, businesses, and libraries.

“I’ve never done it before so I wanted to try it and it’s cool knowing that you are saving a life,” said senior Dylan Miller.

Those who donated can track their blood by downloading the app “Red Cross Blood” on the App Store or Google Play.

“There are plenty of ways you can help instead of donating blood. You can volunteer at different Red Cross Donor Centers or do community service at Red Cross or other non-profits,” said senior Maxcy Grasso. “The best thing you do is just look away. I was pretty afraid of needles before but donating blood was a way to face up to my fears and at the same time build my own character because by donating you are helping others.”