Breaker Awards replace previous Excellence Awards


(Left) Giovanna Cecutti, Nick Reardon, Zoe Waters, and Danielle Gagne celebrate their successes in French in both Madame Randi Beckley’s and Madame Odile Dewar’s French classes. (Right) Izzy Saunders receives a Breaker Award from her Global Studies teacher Jennifer Lundblad. Teachers and students related how appreciative they were that the new awards format felt more personal and meaningful than the previous structure.

Grace Wilson, Web Assistant

The previous school awards (The Excellence Awards) have been done away with and replaced by the new, personal morning reception of The Breaker Awards, which will take place twice a year—once per each semester. The first Breaker Awards event occurred on Feb. 15 in the LBHS library with a spread of refreshments and even a wall for students to take pictures in front of with their teachers and awards certificates.

In the new format, teachers narrow down their list of exceptional students down to two for recognition per semester. During the second reception at the end of the second semester, a department medallion will be awarded, similar to the previous awards structure.

“The achievement can be for raising a grade, being helpful in class, working hard, demonstrating PRIDE characteristics, etc.,” said LBHS counselor Angela Pilon.

In past years, two students from each class period were chosen to receive an award during a the evening in the Artists Theatre. The night was broken into two parts for different grade levels. Teachers handed individual students a certificate on stage while the audience was expected to hold applause until the end. The goal of the new format is to eliminate the rushed and arguably impersonal feeling of The Excellence Awards in the theater and provide a more comfortable and individual feel.

“This awards ceremony was more intimate and allowed for students, teachers and parents to spend quality time together,” said dance teacher Estee Carrizosa.

Before, students had little opportunity to speak to the teacher who had selected them. Although the new ceremony includes fewer students, the process allows for students, parents and teachers alike to connect and create a more personal experience for everyone. The awards reception is more of a casual conversation, which allows teachers to speak directly to students and their families about what makes the students selected for the awards special.

“The goal of exploring the new format was to come up with a more meaningful and personal recognition process. The personal feedback I heard from students and parents was overwhelmingly positive. I personally loved talking to and connecting with students, teachers and parents at the ceremony to learn first-hand why they were selected and to witness their connection with their honoring teacher,” said Pilon.

Don’t lose hope if you were not chosen by a teacher last semester. You still have a chance to work hard and stand out this coming second semester.

“I thought it was an exciting experience.  I really appreciated being recognized for my hard work and being able to reflect with my teachers one-on-one,” said freshman Claire Tigner.