A Little Bit Harder

Hello Brush and Palette readers! In reading over the archives of our school newspapers, I stumbled upon a really interesting article that I’ve posted below. It’s from the October 16 release from Brush and Palette from 1964. The article is written by reporter Mark Taylor. I believe that you’ll find this opinion interesting for it’s take on enthusiasm and school spirit that is still so relevant half a century later. Enjoy!

Grace Wilson, Web Manager

What is enthusiasm? Enthusiasm is defined in Webster’s dictionary as “strong excitement of feeling.”

It is a pretty good bet that the president of most high school student bodies is a member of at least one athletic team. He probably is also the person who gets better than average grades in all of his classes. Most likely the girl who is on the girls’ clothes board is also on the drill team and in other activities.

These are just a few examples of enthusiasm and spirit.

The people who do these things are no different from others. But there is one thing that they do which puts them ahead of other people: they try a bit harder than other people do!

Enthusiasm is something which one gains. It is not something given at birth and it is not something which is handed on a silver platter.

In this school, there are too few real examples of enthusiasm or spirit. A person does not have to run for an office or go out for sports to have the proper spirit. But one should do something no matter how slight it is.

Go to the next football game, attend a few basketball games, yell a little louder at the next pep assembly. It doesn’t take a lot. All that is necessary is to care a little.