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12th grade LBHS girls and boys share their perspectives

“Younger men need to be taught at this age that it isn’t okay to treat girls like trash, talk about them like they are, and just think they can do whatever they want without considering the girl’s thoughts and feelings. I don’t know if it’s just Laguna Beach High School, but most kids in this age group need a reshaping.”

“We should promote standout behavior and replace chauvinistic role models with people who exude acceptance and respect. I think that many boys feel enabled to do things when they are in a group that they would normally never do on their own, and I think that’s also very problematic. As individuals, we should be able to own each and every one of our actions. We can’t keep allowing people to hide behind the comfort and anonymity of being in a group or online.”

“I am not a strong activist on this, but I would like to see a change. Most days I hear the things my friends say about girls and see the way they treat them and I can’t help but just think it is wrong. I just want to say that I see it happening and the only way to change it is to raise awareness and make a change.”

“During the summer going into my junior year of high school, I got a job working at a restaurant. There was a large walk-in freezer where we would store produce and sauces. I went in there to get something for a customer. While I was in there, an elderly man came into the freezer, trying to find the alcohol that was hidden behind the tomatoes. He said “hello” in a creepy voice and grabbed my waist aggressively. I ran out of the freezer and tried to tell my friend, who was family friends with our boss. She proceeded to tell me that it’s not a big deal and he is a nice guy. The only thing that was going through my head, besides being insanely creeped out, was how many other young girls has this happened to.”

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