Juniors implement clothing drive for earthquake victims


Ashley Flores and Cromwell Anaya, from left to right, collect clothing from bins in the English classrooms. As the Clothing Drive boxes filled up, they gathered the contents to make room for more donations.

Grace Wilson, Web Assistant

The earthquake that took place in Central Mexico has affected people throughout the region since that day, Tuesday, Sept. 19.  Juniors Ashley Flores and Cromwell Anaya decided to help Jojutla Morelos, Mexico by creating a clothing drive in school for the victims of the natural disaster. Donation boxes, placed in the English classrooms, accepted gently used or new clothing and shoes in the month of October.  

“I have more family in Mexico than I do here in the United States from both sides.  My dad’s family is from Jalisco, Mexico and my mom’s family is from Acapulco.  When I heard about the earthquake that took place in Mexico, I grew very worried and I wanted to find out if they were affected. I would want people to help out my family if anything happened to them, and, although people in Mexico have gotten help, they need more assistance if they want to restore their communities, and that’s why we are doing this drive,” said Anaya.

After the natural disaster occurred, the students began brainstorming throughout September ways to help those in need. After significant planning and support from the school, it became an official drive.

“My favorite process was going around and picking up the clothing, and my future favorite process of the this drive would definitely be going to Mexico and personally giving the clothing to the families and people,” said Flores.

Flores and Anaya visited all English classrooms frequently after school as the bins continuously overflowed from ongoing student support.

“All of the people that donated clothing, donated large amounts of it. So, they didn’t just come in and put in a pair of shorts or pants. They came in and gave a large quantity. I think it reflects their empathy,” said English teacher Kristen Kaa.

With the help of their families and neighbors as well as the LBHS advisers and teachers, these students made their idea a reality. Supporters packed their donations into the truck including the clothing collected from the high school. The truck company Cadena Mexicana De Mudanza made the drive down to Mexico. The clothing will arrive late November and will be passed out during the week of Christmas.

“We gave Flores the information that she needed to have this drive approved, and we gave her some supplies to help decorate her clothing boxes. We are so thankful for students like Flores that see a need and take action to help,” said activities director Scott Finn.

Even though the students had no previous experience in organizing such an event, the drive was beneficial for the people in need. Because of all the clothing collected, inhabitants of Jojutla Morelos will receive more clothing and receive possibly their only Christmas gift of the year.

“At first when I started this job, I did not think people were going to give clothing and that there was going to be much support because there are other drives. Many drives don’t have success. Students forget, I guess; but in this case, that didn’t happen. We collected about 1,200 or more clothing articles in total. I’m very grateful to those that donated clothing,” said Flores.

Taylor Glenn