Q&A: The value of reading

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The school library is a much-beloved hangout and study zone; however, it is also a great place to find new books or to check out required reading. Sadly, many students seem to overlook the sole reason for any library’s existence: books. Brush and Palette interviews school librarian Jill Norris to find out what she has noticed about students’ personal reading habits and her views on reading in general.


Brush and Palette: What have you observed about LBHS students reading?


Jill Norris: It seems for the most part that students enjoy the novels selected for them in their classes; I enjoy the English 12 books the most.


B&P: What types of books are available for pleasure reading in the library?


Norris: Every kind of book. Nonfiction-science, biographies—and the fiction books; we have older classic fiction and some new. Last year the PTA gave money to order some books, but there is no funding for library books. There is funding for the books that you read in class.


B&P: What do you think is valuable about reading?


Norris: Reading can open a whole new world to you. You can get lost in a book. I love reading; I’d rather read a book than see the movie.


B&P: Do you think reading has declined?


Norris: No, I do not. I think it’s just a challenge to find time for personal reading because of the requirements of school reading.


B&P: What advice do you have for reluctant readers?


Norris: Find a genre that you enjoy. That’s the main thing. My oldest daughter didn’t like reading when she was in middle school, and I said, “You haven’t found what you like yet.” Now, she loves reading.


B&P: Should the school host events, like a book fair,  to encourage reading?


Norris: It would be nice to have an author visit or to have a reading club.

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Q&A: The value of reading