Poetry slam and dunk your feelings


Wendy Valenzuela

Two students who participated in the event ump in the air while giving each other high-fives. The OC RYSE has created a safe environment for students to express their emotions through the use of poetry.

Brianna Brown, PR Manager

On March 11 and 12, The Creative Writing Conservationatory at the Orange School of the Arts presented The Regional Youth Slam Event (OC RYSE) at the Margaret A. Webb Theatre in Santa Ana, CA. Students from all over Orange County came together in teams to compete against other schools. The event was also open to non-high school teams such as homeschoolers and students who attend after-school clubs. Slam poetry is a type of poetry that revolves around individuals reciting original pieces in a competition. The judges who are chosen for the slam judge the poem based on how much they like the poem.


The first task for the teams was to read a classic poem, one that was created by a writer they find inspiring. Then, the second task was to recite a poem that their team created that relates and has similar values to the first poemonly the second poem had to be written by the students themselves. The poetry slam event was truly inspiring as different teams expressed different emotions through the use of expression and art.


OC RYSE is the organization that holds this competition, whose main goal is exposing the public to different types of poetry and self expression. During the slam, the main idea was that the contestants could create any type of poetry. The guest judges who participated in this event were amazing individuals who have contributed to the arts. The judges who participated were Dorothy Barresi, Michael Miller, Eric Morago, Myrenna Ogbu and Patty Seyburn. All of these individuals have participated in the world of artistic poetry and writing.  Although these individuals were responsible for selecting winners, this unique opportunity allows students to express themselves in a non-judgmental environment.  


“Poets often enter into conversations with poems of the past, poems of the present, poets they admire or find challenging. OC RYSE formalizes that process and introduces young poets to a spectrum of writers they may not have known about before. The aim of the event is to broaden awareness of the power of poetry to the general public,” said Creative Writing Director of the Orange County School of Arts.


How does this event relate to LBHS students? It should inspire those in the artistic and inventive community of Laguna Beach to explore the different expressions of art. Students at Laguna Beach High School should show off their abilities in the Poetry Slam next year.


Wendy Valenzuela took photos for the event


Two students who participated in the event jump in the air while giving each other highfives. The OC RYSE has created a safe environment for students to express their emotions through the use of poetry.